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Culture is food presented by Culture & cannabis in Las Vegas

Food & cannabis are nearly synonymous. Albeit the taste can be a little peculiar, food is near the hearts of stoners around the world. For that reason, Culture & Cannabis would love to take you on a foodie-adventure. We’re based here in Las Vegas, known for its diverse selection of food. Visitors come from every corner to try it all. To a stoner-stomach though, how are they really? To save you time and to help avoid a food coma, we’re gonna find out for you. Our own Full-time Tony and JC Coats are introducing you to some of the best foodie-favorites that Las Vegas and Reno has to offer!

This is Culture is Food.


The first stop in our Las Vegas food-adventure was Pizza Stone’d by Madisen Saglibene. This woman-owned restaurant on wheels serves up pizza; but, not just regular pizza. It’s baked to perfection in a brick oven, imported all the way from Italy. These pies are handmade and ready to order while advocating for the right to get stoned… with snacks.

We caught Madison out advocating and baking at the Las Vegas Metro Police Department. Because of community donations, she was able to serve pizza in the name of a better cannabis industry for us all. Our duo tried Madisen’s Supreme Pizza. Check out the full episode below.

CHEBA HUT on Sahara

Just as some spots in Las Vegas are beacons to the party culture, there is one in particular that is newly becoming the pinnacle of munchie-culture. The sandwich shop Cheba Hut originally started in Colorado as a foodie nod to cannabis and pop-culture. As cannabis legalization and tourism to the area grew, so did Cheba. As a result, they made their official move to Las Vegas in 2017. The small shop boasts a list of strain-affectionate names, references to 2000s culture, and a wicker basket of actual munchies for purchase.

Cheba Hut has quickly become everyone’s favorite sandwich shop in Las Vegas- stoner or not. The guys tried out the Kali Mist and 5-0, two of their best-selling sandwiches. All of this complete with Garlic Cheese Sticks with Cheba Hut’s Honey Mustard, all house-made.

The C&C favorite was the cheese sticks and sauces, though. Click here to watch.


To round off our first run of Las Vegas food favorites, a home-cooked meal and a sesh was in order. Quarantining doesn’t keep a stoner from an excellent meal. So, Tony and JC had a dinner party with food provided by the Queen of Culture & Cannabis, Leilani Joy.

We started off with a crispy salad with chopped kale followed up with a Mexican-style tortilla casserole. Lastly, was a cultural nod from the cook. Leilani Joy served Chicken Adobo with infused-cocktails brought to us by The Happiest Hour. Some of the best stoner-munchies are made in the kitchen with friend, of course, being stuck in the house taught a lot of us that. Try out some new munchie-meals this week and tags us to show them off. We may not be able to go out and eat right now; but there’s always a food adventure to be had at home. Check out the take-and-bake Calzones Kits from Pizza Stone’d for an easy at home meal!

Keep watching Culture is Food for the best that Las Vegas foodie culture has to offer. Let us know if we tried any of your favorite places or dishes in these last few episodes. If not, let us know what it is and maybe we’ll check it out in the future. To watch more Culture is Food on YouTube, click here.

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