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Finger Licking foodie tour with culture is food

The pandemic has shined a new light on food. We’re spending more time thinking about it; and, despite closures, we’re enjoying it together more too. As we try to escape the monotony of quarantine, however, safety is still the main concern for most. So, what’s a food lover to do? How do you enjoy all that Las Vegas has to offer without breaking the bank or compromising health concerns? From the trendy modern takes to the classic dishes of the entertainment capital, how do you decide where to eat, or what to get when you finally do? The Finger Licking Foodie Tour is here to answer all your foodie-prayers!

If you’re looking for a new favorite, why settle for just one? Take the all-inclusive Finger Licking Foodie tour to experience 3 amazing dishes from 3 of the hottest restaurants in Las Vegas. Lunch or diner, get an exclusive eating-experience, chauffeured by a personal Uber driver, while still adhering to the city’s safety guidelines. Created by a food lover and service-veteran, it’s the perfect VIP dining experience for any occasion!

The Foodie Matchmaker

Tour president, Donald Contursi, is a food-connoisseur. With experience from some of the greatest restaurants and establishments in Las Vegas, it’s to be expected. Over the years, Donald became the guy to-know for the best of the best in cuisine. Thus, his encyclopedia gave birth to food tours.

How great is it to have someone “in-the-know” show you the best restaurants in town!

Donald Contursi

After the widely successful start of his first tour, the Lip Smacking Foodie Tours, he aimed his sights on something more COVID-friendly. We may not be able to gather for full foodie-events, but the option to experience something new and tasty shouldn’t be lost. Unlike its predecessor, the Finger Licking Foodie Tour is self-guided, for a minimum of two people, with all the details and transactions taken care of ahead of time. Made with social-distancing in mind, guests can eat and drink without the worries of the ‘new normal’ looming above.

Finger-licking Favorites

What’s Vegas without the VIP experience? Afterall, it’s a city where exclusivity is a selling point. Donald is here to be your food-ambassador and link to all the best in he city. Nearly all the attractions in town are temporarily unavailable or limited, but food can easily become a private attraction to thrill in more than one sense! That’s the defining goal in all of his tours. 

The newest lineup from the Finger Licking Foodie tour took our resident food-lovers through Chinatown, a rapidly growing hub of multicultural flavor. Each restaurant on the stop provides reserved accommodations, a ‘must-have’ menu that is flexible to vegan and gluten-free guests, and an optional drink package to compliment your meal.

When it’s difficult to get reservations due to closures, or spots being at half capacity, to walk right in and have your table waiting is incredible!

Donald Contursi

You begin your tour with a virtual map of the night and curated information on every stop. Our first along Spring Mountain road was EDO Gastro Tapas & Wine. Short for Extra Day Off, this Barcelona-style restaurant has won a number of awards, including the Desert Companion 2019 Restaurant of the Year. After a quick uber ride, the next stop was Lamaii, a high-end and modern take on Thai cuisine. With the owners carrying over 20 years of hospitality experience, they serve an elegant and Instagramable vibe with their dishes. Last on the trip was Sparrow + Wolf, a mash of multicultural and modern dishes. Named after chef Brian Howard’s spirit animals, they boast a sustainable kitchen of innovation and balance. Check below to watch Culture is Food enjoy every bite of it!

VIP Dining

Tours of all kinds are nothing new to Las Vegas. In the midst of this time, however, there’s more ways than one to see and enjoy the city. Get out of the house and take a culinary tour created by those who know Las Vegas food better than anyone.

Eat your way through your favorite district and learn all about it, courtesy of the food match-maker, Donald Contursi. He’s looking for more ways to develop both the Lip Smacking and Finger Licking tours around Las Vegas. Hopefully in the future, you can find them in a city near you!

For a full list of tours and details, check out the website here. All the Finger Licking Foodie tours are at least 2 1\2 and under $100. Everything from gratuity to transportation is taken care of to provide the most contact-free experience. So, whether you are looking for a way to celebrate something, a variety for family dinner, or even planning date night, the Finger Licking Foodie tours are for you! Watch Culture is Food take on this finger-licking tour and book your own today!

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