New Bids For Las Vegas Cannabis Consumption Lounges & The SAFE Banking Act


SAFE Banking Act Cannabis consumption lounges

If you ever find yourself scrolling through cannabis news, you tend to find recurring themes. For every triumphant story, there is one laced in exploitation. You see the warning signs of rushed legalization; but, you also see the various reasons why we’re behind schedule on that very legislation. 

In recent news, we see some legislators calling for an ‘anti’ approach because of make-believe claims. Opposite of that, another bill passes through the House and onto the Senate. The only difference this time versus almost every other time over the last decade is the freshly progressive and majority democrat seats. The SAFE Banking Act, originally presented and passed through the House in late 2019, is making its way back to the Senate. The bill would abandon the cash-only industry and allow safe access to financial services from banks, among other things. Unfortunately, the SAFE Banking Act never made it to the Senate floor for a vote. 

Ganjapreneur shared the hope that cannabis advocates have for the new Senate and the future of the bill. Alternatively, cannabis opposers in Nebraska are still stuck in Reefer Madness territory. Ganjapreneur reported Governor Pete Ricketts claims from last week “if you legalize marijuana, you’re going to kill your kids.” The claim occurred over a debate on whether to legalize cannabis in the state. He went on to explain the industry’s supposed attitude toward regulation. In reality, most cannabis professionals want regulation; they just want said regulation to benefit the community instead of Big Pharma. Health and safety, as well as the ethical production and rules revolving around cannabis, are our priority. Somewhere along the lines, however, that’s lost in translation.

As we get deeper into the new year, more and more call for a change in cannabis legalization. Considering Biden’s past feelings on cannabis coming to roust once more, it may well take more than that. Locally, the conversation around cannabis lounges blazes on. After the vote was rescinded until the Cannabis Compliance board was formed and created the proper environment for it, cannabis consumption lounges have been next to none. It’s a problem nearly every state to legalize is finding itself in. Where can you legally smoke weed now that it’s legal to buy? Luckily, Senator Steve Yeager with guidance from the Chamber of Cannabis is set to introduce a new bill for consumption lounges

As we roll into a new year, with this new regime, will cannabis see the necessary changes or will it continue the recurring theme?

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