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Cannabis and Art

Artist of all categories have used cannabis either one way or the other to enhance their thinking, creativity or productivity and this culture of using cannabis to produce art is now the newest domain added to the category of arts. To know the relationship between cannabis and arts, we came to know that there is no social element that promotes their connection but a scientific one. Dr Alice Flaherty, who is a specialist in brain stimulation and activity, has stated that cannabis possesses those elements or components that activates the frontal lobe of the brain which is responsible for the creative part in people. A factor that is often seen with artist using cannabis is that it helps with their anxiety and makes them free from any restraints that held them back. William Shakespeare and Pablo Picasso are one of the numerous artists that used cannabis for enhancing their work. 

Graffiti art

There has been another dimension of art which is visible throughout the world and especially in Las Vegas and is known as Graffiti art. This Graffiti art has been around for some time and was started in Philadelphia in the 1960’s where artists would paint murals and quotation onto different places, locations and mediums. This new form of art spread like a wild fire in a forest and soon took over the American culture or way of life. This graffiti was seen everywhere in America from trains, to subway stations and even on cars. The most impact that it had was in Las Vegas where it became a part of the city and these murals became a site of attraction. This was started in the early days of the 1980s where the hipster culture was in full swing and the murals of various characters, quotes, slogans or cartoons started appearing around Las Vegas, which was first dealt with extreme brutality by the police as anyone seen to vandalize the city was beaten up and thrown in the jail and had to pay a large sum of money to get bail. 

Graffiti and Cannabis

Graffiti and Cannabis are the names that were once thought of as illegal and wrong but now in the present day and age, people have finally come to accept them as being a part of the culture so it is quite evident that these murals and cannabis share a history together as both helped each other became mainstream in America. Cannabis has mostly been consumed by artist whether musician or graffiti artists in order to get away from the harsh realities of the society and into a world where nothing is wrong or brutal and everyone and everything is just pure and beautiful. A number of artists have admitted that they suffer from anxiety and depression and in order to battle that they consume cannabis as it helps them control and manage their mental health as well as help them think clearly as it helps them concentrate more on their imaginatively aspects of their personality. A survey which was conducted in Las Vegas which reviewed the most preferred or favors style of art, the graffiti art was given the most votes. Nowadays, there is a growing market of graffiti artist in Las Vegas as big restraunts and malls or even schools are hiring such artists and making their walls come to life through these murals.  Most of the modern graffiti artists prefer the paints or spray cans of the Pac paints, this is because these paints are affordable as well as convenient for them to buy. In addition, these paints are made environmental friendly and produce no harmful effects are the environment or for the people who use it. Another aspect is that these paints are odorless and does not burn the eyes or nose even when inhaled. Though, even now there is a stigma that revolves around graffiti but it is also being reduced slowly through the use of social media. Las Vegas has been the leading authority in the domain of promoting graffiti art around the world and in the USA and it also holds an exhibition solely where the graffiti artists can promote and sell their art to the bidders or to any company. 

Furthermore, Las Vegas has tons of website where amateur or home-based artist can sell their art without their being a need to go outdoors. So, we can see the different mediums that are now present in America where these artists can promote their art and make money out of their talents without being afraid of being called a criminal or being the victim of brutality. Moreover, we should support such art and try to support this culture as well by buying from these artists who put their heart and soul in these murals and who work tirelessly day and night to express their expressions or words in a way which no one else can. We should also try to make this form of art legal in various states where graffiti art is still considered an act of vandalism. 

Pac Paints

We will now focus on a graffiti artist and indulge ourselves in his life and his work and its impact and the mishaps that come with it. This artist is known as Pac Paints and is a respected artists of Las Vegas. He has stated that graffiti is a means of him expressing his thoughts and desires and that he was motivated by his grandmother who taught him the way of converting his thoughts into these murals. Though, he does not paint solely for the money, the appreciation that he receives on his work by people who do not even know him makes his efforts fruitful. These days Pac Paints is mostly hired by schools where he paints murals of welcoming the children into their school after a year in quarantine. Pac Paints is now teaching his daughter, Presley Nirvana, on how to be as expressive as their father through the means of art. He can be found on Instagram through the username of @PacPaints_702 and that he can be hired to do any type or style of painting that best suits your walls. 


The question which arises is that through which means we can support the culture of artist and that of cannabis so that one should never be afraid of trying to reach their maximum potential by using those products which are organic and enhance the functioning of individuals. We can also show our support by sharing our liking and support for these two cultures in our social media as well as purchase those products which promote such cultures and way of life. One such brand or company that supports the use of cannabis and also sells it is the Culture and Cannabis shop though which you can not only purchase cannabis but also clothing and accessories which support the cannabis way of life. Also this shop also educates their consumers regarding the type of cannabis that is ideal for them and also holds podcasts that further tries to clear any misconceptions regarding the use of cannabis and also educates their listeners on why the cannabis is so beneficial and widely used today.

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