The Virgil’s Iconic Co-Working Space in Reno


The Virgil co-working space in reno

If it hasn’t been obvious from our past features, Reno is a city that is big on community. With one part of the Culture & Cannabis team hailing from the northern Nevada city, we get a better view of all there is to experience. On our last visit, we met up with a community-driven business with their newest addition to supporting the city’s artists and creators. 

For a lot of small business owners, the first question in a venture is where to get most of their work done; if not coming upon the resources and contacts needed to make it happen. Las Vegas makes it a little easier with constant conferences and events in the socialite atmosphere. In Reno, however, creating a hub for these things was essential.  

The Virgil is Reno’s newest co-working space and community event space. Born for Reno-based community organization, Wandering Wyld, The Virgil offers boundless options ranging from weddings, meetings, conferences, dinners, and more.


When you walk into the farmhouse-esque 8000-square-foot space you’re towered by 100-year-old stained glass windows and chandeliers of the same age. One of the founders and owners, Rachel Mcintyre, told us all about the building’s history. The Virgil is a Reno Historic Landmark dating back to the 1920s and its decor calls to that. Originally the Reno Little Flower Church just east of downtown, Rachel and everyone involved tried to keep as much of the original building intact while restoring it for their new purposes. While they will still serve the wedding industry, the idea behind The Virgil was to provide accessible workspace in the community. 

Wandering Wyld was originally looking for an affordable workspace for their own community needs. Through their small business consulting, they saw a need for a space to work in the community while gaining those contacts and resources I mentioned. As the search for an already established business continued, they saw an even larger need for the co-working space in Reno. A platform to grow was one thing but operational space to scale is priority.

The Virgil hopes to provide a connected and inspired creative co-working space in Reno. Through their flexible membership plans and access you can make the most of your time and money. Check here for more details on those or to keep up with The Virgil, follow them here.

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