A Highly Holly Holiday Gift Guide: Pot Plant


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Into the thick of the holidays we go! As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, the dread of picking the perfect gift and NOT breaking the bank does too. So, to make things easier for you, we’ll be covering some amazing and cost-effective gifts for your favorite cannabis connoisseurs. Tune in every week for another feature and maybe some stonerific gifts to treat yourself too!

Our first feature is some green to spruce up your place after, or during, the holidays. Pot Plant is quickly becoming the perfect home decor for any plant-lover, consumer or not. Before anyone gets too concerned though, Pot Plant is not a real plant. The company produces hyper-realistic artificial plants for a higher level of decor. This women/Latino-funded business, however, is the first of its kind, on a mission to make the world see weed differently. We’ve all seen the growing craze of more natural decor and greener aesthetics. Instead of adding the stress of a real plant -or the strong smell of a cannabis plant- to your house, try one of these lovely ladies instead!


Changing the stigma around cannabis is our entire community’s goal. Pot Plant wants to personally start the conversation with the plant itself. 

Pot has been special to us for a multitude of reasons. It has helped us heal — mentally and physically. It has helped us gain clarity and see things for what they really are. Most importantly, it has helped us spark our creativity and given us the keys to truly be ourselves.

Now, the beauty of this one-of-a-kind plant can be enjoyed in any home, anywhere!

How The Seed Was Planted; Pot Plant

Opening the door to understanding and accessibility, this company founded in diversity is legally shipping the best kind of plant across the nation. The plants available for purchase measure from 10 inches to 36 inches with prices ranging from $25 to $125. If you’re worried about comparative realism, the owners focused on accuracy, growing their own pot and even learning from cultivators to ensure quality with every purchase. 

This holiday season, give the same spark to someone else. Who knows, it may spark an actual green thumb in someone! To learn more about Pot Plant or to order one, check here. Throughout the month, we’ll be covering even more Christmas gifts for the stoner on your list. Make someone’s day greener with gifts that keeps on giving!

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