A Highly Holly Holiday Gift Guide: Hemper Co


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Nothing is worse than setting up for a sesh and realizing you’re missing something. It could be papers, a banger, a lighter, or even a piece altogether. For more experienced users, the Stoner Ingenuity makes an appearance with the quickness. For a lot of others, however, it’s a dreadful moment. Fortunately for us all, subscription boxes are the newest craze; and in this holiday list, we’re showcasing Hemper Co for all your last-minute sesh needs!

Hemper Co has slowly become one of the top smoking subscription boxes, expertly curating hand-picked items every month. Aside from keeping you stocked up on the essentials, Hemper provides a cost-effective way to have new and trendy glass for every occasion. Each box will come with at least 7 products; but, consumers can have a more curated experience with boxes aimed at both glass and paper. For anyone frequently taking trips to the smoke shop or CHAMPS, those cases of fancy glass can burn a hole in your pocket. With Hemper Co’s box, priced at just $39.99, you can collect a plethora of glass without spending $1000 per month!    


Founded in 2015, Hemper wanted to become a discovery tool for both cannabis beginners and veterans. Keeping up with the newest social media trend is difficult enough. When you bring up the next celebrity collaboration or brand exclusive, things get more stressful and expensive! The sudden boom of subscription boxes is a godsend for all consumers. As a result, today, Hemper is on track to become the world’s largest supplier of cannabis smoking accessories.

“What makes the Hemper experience unique is the ability to discover the latest products from an array of categories and premium brands throughout the industry without leaving your home.  Our in-house product development team is constantly innovating, designing, and developing unique smoking accessories to put into your curated smoking subscription box, that you won’t find elsewhere.”

Reviewers have nothing but high praise for the boxes, noting the variety and intricacy of the monthly pieces. Each box is discreet so your nosy neighbors or unfriendly-cannabis-residents won’t be able to identify the contents. They aren’t just packed with too many papers like some boxes though. As Hemper has its own full line of CBD products and a headshop, the possibilities are endless. You can purchase the Hemper Pack or the Hemper Box which contains 7+ products. The Hemper Box includes one unique, handpicked glass piece each month. With themed boxes and special promos, why not give a gift that truly keeps giving this year… or at least keeps showing up. Give Hemper a try or send a subscription to a friend! Either way, you’ll have the trendiest smoking set up in no time!


As the most wonderful time of the year approaches, the dread of picking the perfect gift and NOT breaking the bank does too. So, to make things easier for you, we’ll be covering some amazing and cost-effective gifts for your favorite cannabis connoisseurs or the full sesh circle. Tune in every week for another feature and maybe some stonerific-gifts to treat yourself!

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