Cannabis Weddings: The Rising Cost-Effective Trend


cannabis weddings

Don’t worry about something borrowed and something blue. How about something green and something rolled? Introducing your family and friends to cannabis is the newest trend with cannabis weddings.

Would you rather take a shot or hit the blunt on your wedding day?

One of the most common things to come with the new year is engagements. Trailing right behind ‘workout-resolutions’, engagements from the long holiday kick off the new year with a whole lotta love. The newer generations, however, are abandoning some matrimonial traditions and accepting new ones; blunts, vapes, bud and all. 

Just as millennials are changing the cannabis industry, they have a stronghold on the evolving wedding industry. Gone are the days of being shamed for sharing a joint after your “I do”s. Whether you are consuming cannabis to calm your nerves or simply to celebrate, cannabis-acceptability has introduced it to new markets. More couples are bringing weed to the wedding, some even more than alcohol. While the new trend may be only available to a handful of states, the cost-effective option is on the rise. Instead of going the traditional route with alcohol, many are going for a budtender bar instead. 

According to Boston CBS, opting for a cannabis-bar over a regular one can start at $750. This is not including the purchase of cannabis products that must be provided. As a result, cannabis can be the far cheaper and safer option. For those interested in some bud in their bouquet, events like the Cannabis Wedding Expo even present blushing brides with every service they could ever need. Whether you’re looking for a few subtle nods or a full-blown weed extravaganza for your nuptials, you can find it there.

Classy Cannabis

Cannabis events as a whole can be tricky to pull off. Add consumption to the mix and you’ve got some large grey area and outside opinions to navigate. Private, some times secret events, seem to be the only option. Considering weddings typically are private events with no transactions involved, it’s a safe cannabis space. The growing wedding market and the newest generation using it have found a nice middle ground with cannabis-themed weddings.

According to, the global market for legal marijuana products is predicted to reach $66 billion by the end of 2025. Combining that with the gargantuan size of the wedding industry, the open combination is ripe for any cannabis-wedding planning business. Regardless of the professional services, the freedoms new laws present are enough reasons for people to spark up.

The trend has even hiked up in Las Vegas. Every year an average of 2.4 million weddings are performed in the U.S. with Las Vegas being the top location. With cuisines from every corner of the world, a variety of wedding themes to choose from, and one of the most gorgeous backdrops for a nighttime sesh who could refuse a cannabis-wedding?

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