Kuno, The Veteran Created and Inspired Cannabis Brand


Kuno, The Veteran Created and Inspired Cannabis Brand

In the last few years, veterans have become one of the largest groups of cannabis consumers. Veterans have been turning to cannabis instead of prescription drugs to alleviate their ailments. When it comes to product specifications and accessibility, however, it’s not always the easiest to get. In terms of price, Flower One is introducing a new brand to help.

According to a press release, the cannabis cultivation and brand will launch Kuno. The new cannabis line will carry a products available at a discounted rate to veterans at participating dispensaries. The products will range from ½ oz and ⅛ oz full flower. Flower One is one of the largest cannabis cultivators in Las Vegas. Based in Canada, they are one of the few international companies operating in Las Vegas. The Director of Special Operations leading the launch, who is also a former Navy SEAL, added his comments to the press release.

“Kuno was created with the intent of making quality cannabis products more readily available to veterans. We have carefully selected genetics with cannabinoid profiles for Kuno that are best suited to meet the needs of my fellow veteran community.”

-Grayson Bowman, Flower One’s Director of Special Operations

Flower One’s in-house brand is NLVO, sold in multiple shops across the Las Vegas valley. They’re most popular for their premium flower products sold across the city. The Kuno products, however, will be sold at Jardin, Oasis, and NuWu starting June 24, 2022. A portion of all Kuno sales will be donated to the SEAL Future Foundation and other veteran-focused charity organizations. Hopefully, the announcement of the new brand will reprioritize veterans and cannabis as medicine in the retail space. As more states turn from recreational to medical, many feel the health aspect falls to the wayside. In time, companies have been fine-tuning their offerings to change that.

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