Paul Wall Headlines Culture & Cannabis Season Opener


Despite the unexpected drizzle in the valley, the 2020 return of Culture & Cannabis was a highly enjoyable occasion. That was no doubt partly due to our headliner, Paul Wall.

With an all-new venue and starting the year with a new product, the media company introduced a whole new vibe to their events too. Down a few blocks, just passed some neon-history, sits the Place on 7th. Culture & Cannabis invited attendees here, to the Fremont East district of Las Vegas. We may be on the outskirts but, the outlaw nature of cannabis is subtle and strong here.

The 2020 return of Culture & Cannabis was all about the brand’s product launch. Their sponsored partnership with Solaris Farms has produced strains like Chem 91 and White Cookies, just to name a few. Championing themselves as a brand by the people and for the people, they are quickly becoming a fan-favorite with Paul Wall even headling this February night.

Brands Galore

Neatly tucked into the homey setting of Place on 7th, a few brands kept everyone supplied with the newest in cannabis. While I’m sure everyone hopped the clouds in the sky were from a certain herb, weed was simply the reason for the party.

The first sight in the open patio is Fuze. The concentrate-centric company showed off their live-resin cartridges. Keeping warm by the pizza and sparse fires, fuzzy-jacketed girls passed out dab tools for the stoner-collectors in all of us. 

Fuze is one of the few companies perfecting its delivery of THCa powders and live resin products. After becoming an award-winning producer though, you could understand wanting to outdo yourself.

Next around the stage was Kalvara. If you ever want to get your mind off of something, it will leave you blank-minded and giggling every time. Finishing off the circle was Fumuer. Anyone would love for them to be infused, but the taste was pretty amazing regardless.

Hidden inside was one of the more low key collection of shops in town: Curaleaf. If you haven’t heard, Curaleaf has become quite the competitor in the recreational market.

The Canna-Party

REDx made a return to the Culture & Cannabis stage. He was followed up by another Fremont East favorite, ChiefDVB. The rising artist debut on the Culture & Cannabis stage. Though it was a first, he basked in the calmness of his time. Like many, they both are no strangers to the downtown art and music scene, performing at a variety of venues in Fremont East.

Then, was the freshest of Culture & Cannabis veterans, Jalen Young. After winning a spot on the roster, his energy keeps him returning every month. Following up on stage is no stranger to Culture & Cannabis or the local music scene. D Diamonds proves himself to be in high demand over his time with the show.

“It’s cool to see a lot more people talking and networking…We’ve already achieved everything that we needed to, now we’re just building on it.”

D Diamonds

Another fan favorite begins the trifecta of Texas for the night. In his home state, Philip Wolf has amassed a large following. Whatever he’s got must be good considering he’s rising in the downtown scene pretty fast. 

Then, finally ending the night, was the people’s champ, Paul Wall. Even before taking the stage, the venue buzzed with his name. As the night went on, the Texas-trio was complete with a surprise appearance from Johnny Dang. Dang is an entrepreneur and world-famous jeweler, famous for outfitting some of the most famous rappers and entertainers of this generation. He rocked along with the crowd as Wall and most of the venue sung in unison. The King of Bling fit right in with Brooksie Hussle’s Kandy Grillz and the real ones Paul Wall wears.

Canna-Artist Alley

This month’s Artist Showcase was more refined with live art sessions happening but smaller spaces. Guerilla Culture hosted tattoo designs by Tyler Cooper. The shadow work was perfect next to the acid-tide work of Rekles Reks. In combination with The Cannabis Artist’s tributes to counter-culture and the splash of peace coming from Handsome Panther Designs, the options hit almost every niche.

Coupled along with the art, was the fashion show but; it started with some surprises. A denim-short clad dance company took the stage. The performance, choreographed by Courtney Robinson-Banks of The Ladies Room, primed everyone’s eyes towards the stage for what was to come. The models from Booking Omni rocked funky graffiti-ridden threads perfect for the night’s weather. This month’s show was supplied by Kingshe-x, a local creator of all things gender-neutral. 

Throughout the night, the blend of art, music, and creation defined what brings us together. We all have our other skills, passions, different lives even, but we all still find this common ground. Through it all, it’s beautiful knowing that cannabis is the uniting factor. Culture & Cannabis continues to pull attendees from every facet of the industry, proving culture -at the end of the day- is king.

The neighboring patrons enjoying the celebration from the fringe made it feel more like a cannabis-block party as the night went on. Featuring glass-blowing, pizza made for stoners, and a love of all things green, the night was an epic kickoff to a new year of cannabis. While we may not have broken the physical gates between business, the vibe of the event was enough to entertain everyone outside the walls. Hopefully, in time, cannabis can do the same for its political naysayers.

Mike Jones in Reno

There was a little drizzle but, the show went on without a hitch. The celebration of community and community-driven products was epic, to say the least. Paul Wall capped off the night in the same spirit giving the show a proper close.

Culture & Cannabis experience will return in April. This event will be taking to the road, however, taking place in Reno, NV. The media company hopes to bring its cannabis experience and its weed to new levels and new cities, starting with the littlest big one nearby. If you’re following along, living the hippie-life, make sure to pick up Culture & Cannabis products at Acres Dispensary, Blum Reno, and Curaleaf.

Gonna miss Culture & Cannabis?

No worries for everyone in Las Vegas. You can get all the Culture & Cannabis you need in their absence with the all-new web series. Follow the entrepreneurs behind the biggest Las Vegas cannabis event as they learn from the movers and shakers of the industry. 

Culture & Cannabis will return to Las Vegas on May 30th with another special guest. Be sure to follow Culture & Cannabis for more details on future events and product drops.

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