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Las Vegas has quite a reputation, but cannabis is the new reason for notoriety. The Las Vegas cannabis community is like no other; but, only one thing sets them apart. That thing is an award-winning company that may be coming to a city near you!

Culture & Cannabis started as a media company for shops in Las Vegas. It quickly morphed into an event hosting Las Vegas’ favorite brands, vendors, creators, and entrepreneurs in the cannabis space. In four eventful years, the media company has become synonymous with the Las Vegas cannabis culture. Complete with food shows, a podcast, and their very own cannabis products. Every city has its own relationship with cannabis but Las Vegas is now a powerhouse of cannabis entrepreneurs and advocates. Part of that is thanks to the way C&C brings people together through the cannabis experience. 

“It has been a privilege to serve our community the last 5 years. Here is what you can expect from our team over the next 36 months. We will be expanding our unique style of creative cannabis products, media and experiences to 15 new markets starting with Oklahoma this October.”

JC Coats, Founder

A Cannabis Media Powerhouse

2020 may have put a damper on some plans but, it’s not enough to stop Culture & Cannabis. Kicking off with their 4/20 Stay Home Stay High event with NORML, the company has been collecting collaborative-wins throughout the year. Their unique style of creative experiences and products has been well-received in the Nevada market as a whole due to their recent move into the Northern Nevada market. As a result, they’ve added two new retail partners to the roster, Kanna and Sierra Well. The variety of content they offer in the cannabis culture space has helped them see massive growth.

The expansion has even brought on a new Reno partner, Srene, as well as the production of a new line of concentrates. As Culture & Cannabis’ fourth year of operation is coming to a close, they’re finding roots throughout the “Battle Born” state as the premier cannabis event and now, as a new leading cannabis brand.

New Markets and New Products

The next move for Culture & Cannabis, however, is to the midwest. C&C is coming to Oklahoma in its biggest move yet! The products, the podcast, and all the content are coming to a new state to spread that Las Vegas cannabis culture.

“Oklahoma is like the Wild West when it comes to cannabis so it’s exciting to have experience to be able to help influence the community in the right direction.”

Anthony Lee, Managing Partner

C&C is proud to announce their first OK partnership in Tulsa, Ruby Mae’s. Ruby Mae’s prides themselves on being Oklahoma’s most trusted source for premium and award-winning products. What better place to introduce products from the award-winning company?

Culture & Cannabis products will officially launch in the Oklahoma cannabis market this October. No need to fear though, your favorite cannabis brand still sees Las Vegas as home. They’re back to bringing their impactful pop-ups to shops, even offering free media to retail partners. Make sure to follow Culture & Cannabis to see where will pop-up next!

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