First Nail Salon With Cannabis Consumption Begs Question To Other States: Where Can I Legally Smoke?


Where can I legally smoke

While the citywide shutdown -due to COVID 19- has taken away most group activities for the industry, the lack of lounges still poses a valid concern for Las Vegas cannabis. Despite the initiatives geared toward tourists, locals still need a legal haven to consume cannabis. 

At the moment, you can face fines starting at $600 for public consumption of cannabis. Not to mention, consuming or growing cannabis in a dwelling that you do not own can get you evicted. For these reasons, some would say locals need it more than visiting tourists. To the state, however, that’s not enough to make changes to the legislation.

So… Where Can I Smoke Legally?

Meanwhile, across the country in Oklahoma, some businesses have taken the matter into their own hands. Considering the strain that COVID has placed on small businesses as well as our collective mental and physical health, one local nail shop found a way to make it all work in their favor. According to writers at Bearded Bros Pharma, Hybrid Nail Salon in East Tulsa is allowing open consumption to patrons. The business was born from the pandemic and the owner, Elizabeth Brown, was trying to make something special and unique when she opened her new business.

“I wanted it to be a very friendly, welcoming environment…I don’t want clients to feel like they have to rush to get out of their seat.” She told Fox 23 News.

As a result, Hybrid Nail Salon is now the first cannabis-friendly salon to exist. She’s not only doing something unique, but her business is making history. Oklahoma has already been praised for its extremely accessible and fast-moving industry. This is just one more thing the Oklahoma cannabis industry is doing better than others. Hopefully, states like Nevada can take notes where need be!

“It’s been some tough love.. but I’m still going and still fighting because I feel like there needs to be other businesses like this, and the longer I can stay open the more other people can feel like they can do it, too.”

The visitor count in Las Vegas has dramatically dropped; but, the need for cannabis lounges to openly consume -as weed sales have grown exponentially- hasn’t lessened at all. It leaves visitors and locals alike wondering where they can legally smoke cannabis now that it’s legal recreationally. As we get further into the new year and the transition of new local positions occurs, we can only hope the stance on cannabis lounges and consumption changes.

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