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Operation Pipe Dreamers by Remy LBC

This piece has been edited to add details about Operation Pipe Dreamers.

So far, 2021 has been all about the community and every integral piece that makes it move. The celebrity and political sides of cannabis can overshadow it; but, community and culture still come first. The wellness and artistic sides were covered earlier this month. Now, let’s focus on a place where the two come together: glass! It’s creation is a delicate dance of fire and air that mimics cannabis consumption all too metaphorically. Glass is… fascinating, to say the least! It’s an integral part of culture that doesn’t get brought up enough. Now don’t get me wrong, glass has had its own fight with regulation.

Most famously in 2003, Operation Pipe Dreams -a nationwide investigation targeting paraphernalia- was making way after years of trying to stomp out the mainstream growth of cannabis. Although it doesn’t directly have anything to do with cannabis, it proved allies of our community guilty by association. Regardless, the cannabis community still prevails. 

Today, however, everything around it is very different than it was in 2003. It may not seem like too long ago but, back then, a gathering of pro-green glass creators was unheard of. Pre-COVID of course, there were a variety of shows with one regularly taking place here in Las Vegas.

Much of that is all thanks to the goodwill  nearly 60 individuals targeted in Operation Pipe Dreams and the community who keeps the art alive.

The Ambassador of Goodwill

A little goodwill goes a long way; especially in an industry like ours. It’s one of the many lessons you learn in cannabis, no matter what side of it you’re in. Connections have been cultivated, partnerships have been made, and advocates have been crafted from it. A glass lover known for his goodwill throughout cannabis is sending it towards glassblowers.

Remy, better known as Remy LBC, is a regular at cannabis events of all kinds. Despite home being Orange, CA, the LBC doesn’t actually stand for Long Beach, CA. It’s actually a call to a band he plays in, Leather Bound Crooks. No matter if its music, film or cannabis however, he us known for bringing people together. Growing up in a cannabis-friendly household probably helped. Funny enough, Remy wasn’t enthralled in cannabis until much later in life. Up until shops started to open in his hometown and a friend shared his idea for opening a dispensary did inspiration sparked.

Eventually, it all brought him to Las Vegas. Coincidently, his first hosting gig came by a simple offer to help. As of now, he’s hosted a variety of invites including Skate Wars at The Drop and The Las Vegas Cannabis Awards. He still works as an engineer; but he uses a lot of those skills when they are called on in cannabis. 

As a result of his goodwill, Operation Pipe Dreamers was created. Affectionately named after the task force that arrested Jason Harris of Jerome Baker Glass, Tommy Chong, and over 50 others, the show brings world-renowned glassblowers and a variety of judges together for a competition.

Operation Pipe Dreamers 

So, he’s an engineer by day and a hosting extraordinaire by night. Helping people and creating is just what he does. All the event and sesh curation brought him to meet everyone who has dabbled in his community. The good nature and good will is extended to everyone, eventually leading him to meet a producer with a profound love of glass.

After the friendly host found himself in the company of the director of the World Series Poker Tournament, it took on a life of its own. Remy contacted none other than Jason Harris and now, with esteemed director and producer, Jason Wald, the show is officially filming. Taking place at Jerome Baker’s Dream Factory, Operation Pipe Dreamers will bring you twelve epic pipe makers from across the coutry in six episodes to crown one champion.

Just as the show came from goodwill, it pays it forward. Every piece created for the show willl go up for auction and 100% of the proceeds will go to charity. One half would be donated to Pilchuck Glass School to aid in sending underprivledged individuals to school. The other half goes to a charity of the artist choice. Additionally, the show will have more than celebrities as guest judges; a cancer survivor and a veteran will judge alongside guest like Quiet Riot guitarists, Alex Grossi, and former pro-wrestler turned cannabis advocate, The Godfather.

With all the previous filming experience, the show comes naturally for Remy. He’s still putting his other skills to good use, building the set from scratch in a medley of wood, glass, and 6-foot bongs. No matter what it is, Remy just loves to create.

“Creation is all types of things. It’s doing something and not just thinking about it. There’s a difference between being creative and creating something.”

In the end, it’s all about giving back. With everything that he is involved in, he just wants to improve life with everyone involved. Even as the show is wrapping filming, he still helps plan and host other events in town.

Ideally, he wants to start a better kind of sesh that actually celebrates the community and brings unity. He hopes to get away from selling cannabis versus experiencing it. For both cannabis and glass, the experience is very much a part of the process. Hopefully with Operation Pipe Dreamers we can bring a bit of that back.

To learn more about Operation Pipe Dreamers, follow Remy LBC for more updates on that and all of his other events!

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