What Are The Politics In Cannabis


Culture & Cannabis Podcast Episode 80 with guest Dweh Toeque

My name is Dweh Toeque and I am the media director at BES World News ? Located in Las Vegas Nevada?. I was born and raised in south-central LA by my loving and career-driven parents from West African Liberia. They came to American in 1970 to achieve the American dream. Working odd jobs while putting themselves through school, they ended up achieving that dream and have 6 children that work as hard as they did.

I was inspired by my parents’ journey so I too have been working hard to achieve my dream. It started when I received my B.A degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. During which I acquired skills in marketing, computer coding, graphics design and science. Because of my expertise as a Business Administrator and problem solver, I understood the importance of these attributes in a leadership role, and the responsibility of detecting and solving problems.

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