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Culture & Cannabis Podcast Episode 87 with guest Allen and Derek

Derek is the GM of Cape Cod Cannabis. He is a 42 yr old Entrepreneur. His uncle was a legacy operator and got him into the family biz when He was 15 (on 4/20with an ounce that he bagged into dimes ). His grandfather was a state trooper, his had an Aunt that was a judge and an Uncle and Cousin that were bank and armored car robbers.

He is from Charlestown “The Town” when he retired from the legacy market almost a decade ago. He had bought a forklift and was moving over 1k lbs month. He opened a limo company and when adult use licenses became available in my state he pitched a VC who put the Team together and raised the money. His CEO ounce’s worked at Phillip Morris and he could never have opened without the hard work from our COO (Allen), CFO Larysa and the store manager Danny!

He is a firm believer in the 3 P’s: People, Process and Product. He has an amazing team He is lucky to be part of it. It’s taken him about 3yrs and almost $1M

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