NFL Players Free To Consume Cannabis in Offseason


Can nfl players smoke weed

As of last Monday, NFL players can consume cannabis in the offseason. This is opposed to the hefty fines and suspensions from random drug tests, per the National Football Leagues’ previous drug policy. Now, the league wants to focus its drug program on clinical care instead of punishment. Can NFL players smoke weed

Despite the expansion to cannabis accessibility, this decision affects medical cannabis as well. Athletes of all kinds have come out as cannabis supporters due to its aid in pain relief among a variety of other things. Validity in sports makes quality cannabis research for medical purposes, in general, a lot more likely.

The change happened last year when the new drug policy for the league was established. Within it, the League is following in the MLB’s footsteps removing cannabis from their banned substances list. They will be primarily looking for opioids and cocaine, while cannabis will be treated more like alcohol going forward. 

So, Can NFL Players Smoke Weed?

This will make the first season where the change begins. Players won’t get tested for THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) until preseason. In the event a player does test positive for weed during the season, the ‘caring’ approach they mentioned comes into play. According to High Times, the programs states, 

“…if you test positive, your test gets reviewed by a board of jointly appointed medical professionals to determine whether you need any kind of treatment.”

For any sport in the offseason, cannabis use has always been a hot topic. In the case of whether NFL players can smoke weed, a handful of retired and active players have contributed to its medical use in recovery. We can only hope that the policy change will break away some of the negative stigmas. Everyone has heard the ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype. The newest generation determined to break that; and, with the sports industry on our side, it could be the turning point they’ve been looking for.  

Now if we can just get some medical-use laws for athletes throughout the whole year. Until August though, puff away, my friends!

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