Reno Skate Culture


Reno Skate Culture

The city of Reno is known for its great vacation sports, and there is no shortage of entertainment and fun tourist attractions to see, experience, and enjoy. If you’re in the Biggest Little City in the World, you’ll probably want to know about the things your kids can see and do in Reno.

If that’s the case, then you’re in luck!

As the sun begins to set in the northwest section of the state of Nevada, and as the music plays out of the speakers standing in the truck besides, members of the Reno Skate Union attempt another skating maneuver. There’s lots of bad stuff out there in the world, so Reno skate culture wants to motivate kids with skateboarding. When you’re on a skateboard, you’re not thinking about anything besides skateboarding, you know, you’re not caught up with things; other people around you. You’re just doing you, and that’s what we want the kids to be about. Stay away from the bad stuff, all the negative stuff. I think it’s a really good outlet for kids. And then also that it teaches them hard work and determination; skating is not something you can just do easily. And so they really have to like work for it and progress constantly. The Downtown Reno Skater culture has not only been a place for young aspiring skaters to become friends, but also a place for the Reno community to make friends as well. Downtown Reno thrives on mutual support and the deep connection of knowing the rush of finally landing a trick. “it’s kinda like a baseball when you get a home rush, you know, it’s like you’ve practiced for all this time, and you’ve never got a home run. It’s kind of like getting home really, you know, you’re like, Oh my gosh, try it again. And again and again, until you get it. You know, we always say, you know, it’s kind of a celebration in watching your son learn new tricks. It’ll be like 20 or 30 times of trying the same thing. Once he actually learns it, It’s like the whole skate park goes wild. 

Get all the Fun on Flatsport Friday 

The Reno skater culture is all about trying to bring the community and culture together; people coming together and they have fun and love. Flatspot Friday is a legendary event taking place every couple of weeks and is beautiful. In the Downtown Reno community, each person learns and grows as a person by learning a new trick or just skating in general. This skater culture is not limited to a certain group of people. Last Flatsport probably on Friday last week, we got corps riding on skateboards, we got police officers, and the whole community came out here; it was beautiful, and it was nothing but love.

Downtown Reno skater culture is out to inspire and motivate kids and show them that there is light at the end of the tunnel in the skate industry. Reno skate culture is spreading in all parts of the world. Much of the excitement of skateboarding rests in the riders’ creativity. Skaters compete to invent new combinations of tricks with the most fundamental tactics moves; the kickturn, the Ollie, and the grind.  

Reno Skater Culture and the Future

Skateboarding at the end of the day is all about having fun, and everything we are doing is to encourage kids to just have fun; we encourage kids in the community to build obstacles and bring them down. Reno skater culture is shining the light to everybody and hoping to train kids at all levels, so they don’t have to leave town to go pro or go get the sponsorship they need.

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