State Bans on Delta-8 Grow During The Discovery of Delta-10


Delta-8 is all anyone is talking about lately. Whether it’s research and discovery is being shared or an ar or influencer is plugging it, it’s everywhere. The new THC compound is a hot topic. As cannabis research expands, however, we’re learning it’s far from the only one. Florida’s ACS laboratory recently discovered Delta-10, a minor cannabinoid, within cannabis. 

Delta-10 was only present in trace found in trace amounts; but, the lab found the compound to act differently from what we know about others. 

“For myself, I don’t utilize or smoke marijuana, but I tried delta-8 and delta-10 products that we tested as an experiment, and for me, delta-10 had no psychoactive effects; it was more like a mood enhancer.”

Roger Brown, president and founder of ACS laboratory

While the effects have yet to be determined, this opens up a lot of options for cannabis; not just in a medical sense but recreationally as well. We’ve all seen the change in cannabis consumption after the knowledge of cannabinoids. The discovery of more may inspire more research on the benefits of medical cannabis.

Regardless, Cannabis Prohibition Stands

As the discovery circulated, there was more than one opinion on the THC compound. According to Hemp Grower, “Senior Analyst at Infinite Chemical Analysis Labs, Erik Paulson described Delta-10 to being more energizing and uplifting than Delta-8, which he sees more as a relaxer. At the same time.” Both Roger and Erik have published research on delta-10 but are aware of the limited research on the topic in general. 

What they do know is how delta-10 compares to other compounds. Similar to Delta-8, delta-10 can be converted via isomerization. They have the same chemical makeup, just different structures. 

“You can create any delta you want—delta-8, delta-9, or delta-10—by chemically altering CBD isolate or CBD crude,” David Reckles, president of Private Label Hemp Lab, a hemp testing and manufacturing lab in Florida, told ACS Laboratory. “If you’re using crude CBD, you’ll generally create the reaction through carbon and vitamin C derivatives. If you’re using an isolate, you’ll incorporate solvents and acids.”

Roger Brown explains that the significant difference between the two is that delta-8 can essentially only produce one compound, whereas delta-10 can produce up to six different isomers. As the commercial production of delta-8 takes off in some states as well as the discovery of delta-10 is leading to even more different classifications for THC, many are quick to reiterate the federal status of cannabis. So far, 16 states have banned the sale of delta-8 products and the number is growing. With this discovery, the constant calls at our hypocritical laws, and our impeding ‘island of cannabis prohibition‘ badge, let’s hope the legislation will change. 

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