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Here are twelve talented individuals based in Las Vegas putting out dope hits to add to your summer playlist right now! Ahh, the beauty of streaming. No longer do we have to rely on the radio to tell us what five tracks are trending, only to hear them over and over again until we are reciting them in our sleep. Now, with so many streaming platforms, we can dial into what genres we love and find artists internationally or right in our hometown. While mainstream media might have us believe that the talent pool is small, we all know that there are insanely talented people creating wonderful works of art in dark corners of every city everywhere. Check these twelve out:


Dubi coming in hot with some hip hop bops to smoke a blunt to and bump through the car speakers.
Falling fast for your summer fling? Meg Defantem brings bright and happy acoustic tunes to hold hands and swoon to.
‘Wait Around’ is inspired by the weed man who says “give me a min” and leaves your ass waiting for hours. Beverly Chillz is a party ready to be played, turn this up at your next bash.


The best way to describe Eli Milan’s voice is the heart eyes emoji. Serving up folk acoustic realness to close your eyes and melt to.
Whether it’s rapping or playing bucket drums on Fremont, Red gives his all to every performance, emanating positive energy into the crowd every time.
Maejoy gives us Blueberry Lemonade, a single off her latest album Love In Technicolor, delivering feel good fall-in-love summer vibes to lay by the pool to.


Throw your hands in the air, cause Phillip Wolf sure knows how to make a hit. Weaving catchy hooks with smooth rap verses, you’ll definitely have this on replay.
Rina Nahri‘s music is like the sun kissing your skin while a fresh breeze blows over your cheeks. Transformative and free, this track will fill you up with love and light.
Fendi Sean is a triple threat, singing, rapping, and playing the trumpet. He creates unique R&B tracks perfect for long rides in the car with the windows down.


Darien Orr on the saxophone- oooeee what a treat. Giving us instrumental tracks that are so full of soul and rhythm it’s impossible not to start bobbing your head.
Bqqm Biggi3 (pronounced Boom Biggie) hits the bars hard with real lyrics that speak the truth of our time. Roll one, light one & bump this.

Average D is a hilarious surprise. A businessman in a suit bringing us R&B tunes that are as if Weird Al & Dave had a baby. His lyrics are comedic, clever and catchy.

If you are a Las Vegas local, be on the lookout for live performances by these artists! Check out The Jam, a live open mic talent show featuring a variety of local artists. If you aren’t an LV local, be sure to stream all of these artists on Spotify!

Let us know who you are jamming out to this summer @cultureandcannabislv on Instagram!

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