Justin Beiber Partners With Non-Profits for Cannabis Venture: PEACHES Pre-rolls


Justin Beiber in Suit Peaches Pre-rolls by Palms

Seeming to ride the wave of one of his most recent hits, Justin Beiber is releasing his cannabis line, PEACHES. Just like the catchy lyrics, the planned pre-rolls will be grown in California by Palms Premium. PEACHES pre-rolls will be on a limited run starting today (October 4, 2021) in California, Florida, Nevada, and Massachusetts. The packs, estimated to go for $40-$60, will come in three different packs: indica, sativa, and hybrid.

With the exception of Florida shops, the pack will include 7 half-gram joints and a lighter. To stay state-compliant, Florida shops will only hold 5 pre-rolls in a pack. They can be found at MedMen and Planet 13 here in Las Vegas.

Despite the news throwing everyone for a loop, the support of cannabis non-profits is what stands out. According to Bloomberg’s original story, a portion of sales will go to Veterans Walk & Talk as well as the Last Prisoner Project. CEO and CO-Founder of Palms, Noah Annes, shared in an email statement that “… both closely align with Palms mission of making cannabis approachable and mainstream.”

With Beiber and Palms making their target demographic known, hopefully, it will bring younger eyes to a growing problem with celebrities, cannabis and the people who actually need it. 

PEACHES Pre-Rolls By Palms

As we’ve discussed before, Justin Beiber isn’t the only celebrity to enter the cannabis space; not even the only one in the last few months! Over the last decade, we’ve seen celebrities be more open about their cannabis consumption or support for cannabis use. Beiber is, however, one of the first to voice and demonstrate any advocacy when it comes to medical cannabis for the good of those who need it. We’ve covered groups like Veterans Walk and Talk in the past; but, the lack of publications shining a light on groups such as that is frustrating. In that sense, Beiber has already done something drastically different than his celebrity counterparts.

“I’m a fan of Palms and what they are doing by making cannabis approachable and helping to destigmatize it –- especially for the many people who find it helpful for their mental health,” Bieber said in an emailed statement.

Other publications mentioned a YouTube docu-series featuring Justin Beiber last year. He admits to trying cannabis around 12 or 13-years-old and eventually growing dependent on it. He doesn’t believe everyone has the same experience, however. A vast majority of celebrity partnerships don’t have statements from the celebrity fronting the brand. If they do, many of them are a cookie-cutter response to appease their masses without upsetting the new community they are trying to enter.

“We want to talk about bigger issues. Justin [sic] dealing with his mental health and helping to destigmatize cannabis use for health, and the fact that we still need to get people out of jail for cannabis and change the regulations in the states now. Those things are really important to us, Justin is behind them and supports those causes as well. It’s more than the policy change and getting people out of jail. These organizations support people’s families. This really rocks families and communities. The same thing with people dealing with mental health issues and PTSD, if they aren’t able to get access to some medicine that is proven to work. We are so fortunate to be able to go into dispensaries, have choices, access to thoughtfully made products and brands.

-Co-Founder of Palms Premium, Noah Annes

Despite the good this company seems to be doing with proceeds, the news is still alarming. More and more celebrities have entered the cannabis industry with brand partnerships. At the same time, the state acts like its hands are tied with effective and precise regulation causing people affected by cannabis prohibition to fall to the wayside. Time will tell how PEACHES pre-rolls and Palms maneuver the situation. Until then, let’s all keep a close eye on these celebrity cannabis brands.

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