The NIDA Declares A Horrible Fact About Cannabis Research


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There’s a little known and horrible fact about cannabis research: it’s not meant to help and the NIDA (National Institute On Drug Abuse) is calling out Congress for it. For years, cannabis research has been the subject of many discussions. Is there enough? Is there too much without cause? Depending on who you ask, the answer and follow-up argument will be totally different. In reality, however, the horrible fact about cannabis research is that it’s to prove how harmful cannabis is. 

It’s true: Cannabis research is in effort to prove the Reefer Madness agenda. Yes, some positives come from this research; but, the intent is still there. The NIDA is bringing it to Congress’ attention. In a document submitted to the House and Senate Appropriations Committee, the NIDA discussed what they called “barriers to research with Schedule I substances, referring to the ”administratively complex” process scientists must follow to receive federal authorization from the DEA to study cannabis. So, even in an attempt to study cannabis for these reasons, researchers have to jump through a series of legal hoops.


The aforementioned report was obtained by Marijuana Moment. Researchers expressed concern over a ‘lack of transparency regarding registration required for studying such substances’.

“Researchers have reported that obtaining a new registration can take more  than a year, that modifying a registration can also be time consuming, and that differing interpretations of the Schedule I registration requirements among local DEA field offices, research institutions, as well as distinct federal and state registration requirements, greatly complicate the process,” the federal agency told lawmakers. “These challenges can impede critical research on Schedule I substances and deter or prevent scientists from pursuing such work.”

-Marijuana Moment, Top Federal Drug Agency Tells Congress About Marijuana Research Barriers Caused By Restrictive Scheduling 

More federal organizations calling out hypocrisy amongst their own. Check here for the full list of issues raised by NIDA researchers. The other concerns were around cannabis availability and potency for accurate research. The committee did agree that the barriers for research should be lower as lawmakers try to allow researchers to study the actual products consumers buy at dispensaries. The DEA, however, has not commented. For decades, we’ve been fighting for rescheduling. This story is just one of many reasons where its need shows. Stay posted for more details on the NIDA and how Congress may respond to their letter.

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