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As things open back up here in Las Vegas, the Cannabis Compliance Board has been finding some issues with cannabis companies. Nevada cannabis brand, Kindibles, has had its license suspended indefinitely. During an inspection, regulators found that a product line was not inspected per state rules; an issue they’ve been finding consistently with others.

A press release from the Nevada CCB went into further detail about the Clark-county-based brand’s situation. The Cannabis Compliance Board found that they added thousands of additional products to a batch of properly tested products. This, essentially, bypasses the mandatory state safety testing for those items. This is an issue as there is no telling if there was something harmful in those now-sold items.  

On 10/20/21, Board Agents visited the production facility of Kindibles, LLC, located in Clark County. After further investigation of production logs, Board Agents found thousands of additional products were added to a production run after testing, among other significant deficiencies. Per the NCCR, each addition of product should be considered a new production run, which requires a separate lab test. Additionally, Board Agents cited inaccurate inventory counts upon finding cannabis products physically present in the vault were not logged in the state’s seed-to-sale tracking system, Metrc. 

CCB Issues Summary Suspension of Production License

The aforementioned products are labeled across 14 different SKUs. They found their way to shelves at 10 retail shops in the state between June 1 and November 3. Kindinbles is now the third cannabis business that has had its license revoked by the CCB. There’s no telling what has caused a lot of these issues or if we were all simply unaware previously. Regardless, the company has 10 business days to submit a correction plan, demonstrating plans to rectify the issues. Otherwise, the company can lose its license permanently. 

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