Berner & Weedmaps Annouce A Cannabis-Friendly Social Media Platform


Half blurred nug of weed Berner and Weedmaps social media

If you missed the news this past weekend, Berner announced a new cannabis-friendly social media platform. The famed cannabis entrepreneur and rapper shared the frustration of the entire industry. When it comes to social media, cannabis is still a touch-and-go taboo. It’s allowed; but only sometimes. ‘This person can share this but you can’t share that.’ To finally make a legitimate stand against the social media giants, Berner is creating his own.

In collaboration with Weedmaps, they shared the news through an Instagram post. Weedmaps posted the half-blurred mug image with the following caption: 

Together with Berner, we’re creating a space where cannabis brands, retailers, creators, and consumers alike can share and enjoy cannabis content more freely. The grass will be greener over here. Stay tuned.

Berner posted the same image with the following caption:

I think I speak for the whole industry when I saw promoting new drops, flavors, or just business in general has been a challenge on social media platforms… I’m extremely excited to show you guys what I’ve been working on with Weedmaps… Our goal is to create a home for all of us that allows us to get back to normal, in real time and create a platform for cultivators, brands, connoisseurs, and stores. A lot of us have lost our accounts, been shadowbanned, and have lost major momentum with our business, all that is almost over. We are gonna provide a home for all of us to share our journey and keep our Instagram for family and other businesses only. We shouldn’t feel like we’re doing something wrong anymore… Weedmaps it’s almost time for…

There aren’t many details at the moment. Something is promised to be coming soon, however. As account suspensions have hit him in the past, Berner has voiced his interest in creating a cannabis-friendly social media platform. With mentions over the years, it seems the wait for something better is almost over. Stay tuned for more details. 

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