South Dakota Governor Opposing Cannabis Drops Her Approval Rating


South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem; photo by Bart Pfankuch, South Dakota News Watch

As some states struggle with their legal cannabis market, others are dealing with direct opposition to the legislation. South Dakota voters are furious with their governor “undermining” their efforts to pass cannabis by voter legislation. Last year, the state approved the measure. The measure was shot down by their Senate following a lawsuit from their governor. 

Both Democrats and Republicans in the state disapprove of Gov. Kristi Noem’s approach to the cannabis initiative. It was approved by over 53% of the state but, didn’t pass. Unsurprising, the governor has long opposed cannabis reform, citing the same straw man arguments as most who criticize it. As more states change their laws by citizen demand though, more than Reefer Madness rhetoric is expected when standing in opposition.

After the survey showing a 61% disapproval rate on Noem cannabis choices, she has rallied behind a medical marijuana program for the state, sharing:

“My administration is fully on board to make certain South Dakota continues to implement the most responsible, patient-focused medical cannabis program in the country.”

In a lawsuit earlier last year, however, she also successfully delayed that same program. There’s something going on behind the scenes and Noem’s constituents are looking for some answers. More specifically, they’re urging others to call her out on two things.

How much taxpayer money did Governor Noem spend on her political lawsuit against Amendment A allowing for cannabis?

Why did the Noem administration mislead the public on her involvement in the Amendment A lawsuit?

More than anything, this continues to show lawmakers’ hypocrisy when it comes to cannabis as well as their commitment to their state’s citizens. On one hand, they put out ballots asking what the community wants. When the results don’t land within their personal beliefs, unfortunately, they go against the masses. It’s even worse when they claim it’s for the better and they are doing it for their community. In this case, the community has spoken. They’ve even shared how disapproving they are of the decision. Still, Noem and many others stand their ground as a Champion of the People. If you’re here for the people, listen to the people and legalize marijuana!

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