Italy Refuses Voter Initiative to Cannabis Homegrows


Cannabis in Italy is further from reality as they refused an initiative for growing your own cannabis at home. The initiative would lessen several cannabis restrictions and offenses in Italy. The reason, cited by the president of the Constitutional court and former prime minister Giuliano Amato, was that it “was enough to make us violate multiple international obligations.” 

He’s referring largely to other psychoactive substances like psilocybin being included in the measure. Most of the world still follows the United Nations’ guidance on both cannabis and psilocybin. As such, they treat it as a Schedule 1 substance with no medicinal value despite the contradictory evidence. Only one country in the union has legalized cannabis for recreational use. A few countries scattered across the world have done the same; but, in the end, it’s not just the United States that’s undecided on cannabis and plant medicine. 

Homegrown Cannabis in Italy

Over 500,000 citizens signed the ballot last year in hopes to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis for medical use. It would also mean no prison time for the possession of a certain amount of cannabis. It’s important to note, however, that the initiative would not legalize the sale of cannabis in any way. It would only change laws about small possession and cannabis home grows. With the refusal of the voter-initiative ballot, Italy has to start from scratch with its cannabis legislation. 

Reuters broke the news of the veto. Despite the shock, they aren’t the first municipality to refuse cannabis-related voter initiatives. Mississippi had a voter-approved cannabis measure that was vetoed on a technicality. In recent months, the state has legalized medical cannabis with heavy limitations. It did, however, take a few attempts to get local politicians on board. 

The news came out earlier in the month but no other information has come out since. Malta remains the only EU nation to legalize. Italy, much like Mississippi, may be on its way but it will take a few more attempts. 

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