The Birthday Special: 27 Dispensaries On My 27th Birthday


I am getting old. I turned 27 this past Sunday, April 17th. My birthday was also Easter which only happens every 11 years so I thought to myself, “how can I make this birthday even MORE special?” And that is when it dawned on me to hit 27 dispensaries for my 27th year around the sun.

Since the conception of retail, birthdays have always been a great day to get free shit from stores. My favorite had always been getting free Starbucks (I know, I am a basic bitch but idgaf) UNTIL recreational dispensaries came online in Nevada. Just like any other retailer, they  give you something free on your birthday. I would like to believe that every cannabis consumer knows this BUT to my surprise, they do not. So instead of relaxing all Easter Sunday eating pastries and drinking mimosas, I decided to GET TO WORK!

Mapping The Route
The planning process started the Saturday before my birthday. I  made a list of the 27 dispensaries I was going to hit. This was a process. In the greater Las Vegas metropolitan area, there are around 45 dispensaries. So I needed to build a route that would be efficient for my time (I had a Killers concert at 8PM). My go-to map app is Apple Maps but  it does not have a multiple route option. Google Maps allows you to have up to 10 stops on 1 route. BUT there was one oversight: I did not know if every dispensary had a birthday deal. And to my surprise, not every dispensary did.

Where Did I Go?
I decided to call a majority of dispensaries late on Saturday night for two reasons: 1) I did not think about this fact until about 10PM, 2) It would be a lot easier and quicker to talk to a dispensary employee toward the end of business hours when they were not as busy. After I called the 27 dispensaries, I said “fuck it, I will call them all and make a list.” Here is that list:

  • MedMen – 20% OFF
  • Euphoria – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • Wallflower – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • Essence  – $5 off
  • Zenleaf – Penny Preroll after $10 purchase
  • ShowGrow – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • Beyond Hello (Apothecarium) – $5 off
  • The Source  – Penny Preroll if on loyalty program
  • Silver Sage Wellness – Penny Preroll with $25 Purchase
  • Thrive  – 25% OFF
  • Curaleaf  – Penny Preroll with $5 purchase
  • The Sanctuary  – Penny Preroll with $10 purchase
  • Oasis – Penny Preroll with $5 purchase
  • Cookies on the Strip – $5 off
  • Las Vegas Releaf – Penny Preroll with $10 purchase
  • Inyo – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • Jardin – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • NuLeaf – Penny Preroll with $10 purchase
  • Reef Dispensaries – Penny Preroll with $5 purchase
  • Cultivate – Penny Preroll with $25 purchase
  • Cookies on Flamingo – Free Swag Bag
  • Exhale – Random product with $5 purchase
  • Green – Penny Preroll with $10 purchase
  • Vegas Tree House – 15% Off
  • The Dispensary – Penny Preroll, no purchase required
  • Top Notch – Free gift with $10 purchase
  • Shango – 15% off
  • Pisos – Penny Preroll with $20 purchase
  • Rise – $5 Off purchase
  • Jenny’s – 10% off purchase
  • NuWu – Penny Preroll if joined on loyalty program

There were a couple dispensaries that did not have birthday deals. This is not a big deal and they probably have a ton of other deals that you can receive like a daily deal. Those dispensaries were:

  • Planet 13
  • Deep Roots Harvest
  • Jade
  • 420 Sahara Wellness
  • Cannastarz
  • The Grove

After I made all the routes and called all the dispensaries, I was ready to hit the road. In my head, I thought it would take about 4ish hours to complete. I was off by 3 hours and it took me a total of 7 hours! Started around 12PM and got home around 7PM. This was the route I took, in order:

  1. MedMen on Rainbow
  2. Essence on Rainbow
  3. Euphoria
  4. Wallflower
  5. Essence on Durango
  6. Zenleaf
  7. ShowGrow
  8. Beyond Hell
  9. The Source on Rainbow
  10. Silver Sage Wellness
  11. Thrive on Sahara
  12. Curaleaf on Western (formerly Acres)
  13. Oasis
  14. The Sanctuary on 3rd Street
  15. Curaleaf on Las Vegas Blvd
  16. Las Vegas Releaf
  17. Inyo
  18. Jardin
  19. Reef on Western
  20. NuLeaf on Twain
  21. Cultivate
  22. Cookies on Flamingo
  23. Exhale
  24. Green
  25. Essence on Tropicana
  26. Vegas Tree House
  27. The Dispensary

Pit Stops
Luckily, my girlfriend, Alex, was nice enough to be my co-pilot, even though she thought it was a ridiculous idea. On this journey, we made two pit stops. The first one was Starbucks to get my free birthday drink, a black cold brew. The second stop was ChebaHut, which is a couple doors down from The Source on Rainbow. I got the Kali Mist (sub chicken for the turkey with a side of the honey mustard – GET THE HONEY MUSTARD). 

How Much Did I Spend?
Since every dispensary did not do just a penny preroll, I  had to spend some money and it was not cheap lol. I spent almost $300. That includes two items that were not a part of this plan and I tipped on average $3-$5 per store. If you do want to try this, MAKE SURE TO TIP YOUR BUDTENDERS. It is a nice thing to do especially when you are getting a free product.

Would I Recommend This?
Probably not. Overall, this was a great experience and I had a good time for most of it. Towards the end, it started to drag a little but we pushed through! I made a vlog of the whole experience. Please watch it below.

What Are You Going To Do Next Year?
For my 28th birthday, I will NOT be trying to hit 28 dispensaries BUT instead I’ll try to smoke 28 grams (1 Ounce) in a day.

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