West Las Vegas Dispensary Denied By Residents Once Again


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A permit for applicant, Nevada CRT, LLC, was in danger of being denied for a fourth time by the Las Vegas City Council. Moreover, the residents of the west Las Vegas neighbourhood are just as against it as the local legislature. Residents say the proposed location is too close to schools and homes. Even more so, it would bring a lot of traffic to the area. 

The dispensary would be at the corner of Fort Apache and Sahara, an area notorious for not having as many dispensaries as the strip-surrounding area. Las Vegas has heavily relied on the tourist traffic to make money in the cannabis industry. Only a few shops, dedicated primarily to a local market. While the complaints are valid, the proposed dispensary would be the first on the far west-edge of town. Parts of Henderson also face the same problem.


Head of the Peccole Ranch neighbourhood watch spoke to KTNV Las Vegas about the numerous proposals. 

“What happens is, when you come into a residential neighbourhood with increased traffic, it can bring increased crime. Also, just increased traffic, can bring increased traffic in general, which causes accidents. We would really just like to see it somewhere else, and not at that location.”

Unfortunately, most who complain about the consequences of it being in their neighbourhood don’t complain about travelling to purchase it in a poor neighbourhood. Furthermore, studies have shown that “dispensaries are no more likely to attract crime than any other business, and in many cases, by bringing new business and economic activity to previously abandoned or run-down retail spaces, dispensaries actually contribute to a reduction in crime.”

The old pet hospital that sits where the shop would sound like it fits the description! Regardless, Nevada CRT, LLC is set to have their proposal discussed next Wednesday. The Las Vegas City Council is expected to make a decision on the same day. We’ll see if west Las Vegas gets a new shop or not. 

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