Sometimes Nevada dispensary inventory rooms get packed with product, so packed it can be overwhelming for an inventory manager. We get it, we have been there. If this sounds like you then maybe a flash sale works better than pre roll promo units. Please contact us more about this opportunity

With every order depending on your order size we will include 50 – 100 penny half gram pre rolls with your order.

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As a media group the Culture & Cannabis team has been an influential leader in cannabis event marketing since 2015. Currently we produce after parties 3 times a year for the Champs Trade Show and MJ Biz Con. We also produce the Reno Culture & Cannabis Summit once a year. We always book a 15,000 – 20,000 dollar headliner. We can arrange a meet and greet and unique media package to go with it in conjunction to promote your dispensary. These packages go fast so please reach out for more information today.

We understand that not all stores like to participate in budtender incentive programs but a free C&C ounce or dinner for two at Smoke & Fire can help create a fun and competitive work environment. We have given out lots of these prizes for top selling budtenders and it helps strengthen our brand’s relationship with your budtenders.