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las vegas cannabis influencers

No matter what cannabis market you find yourself in, the community is what makes it whole. Behind the big brands are local faces that stand for cannabis in all aspects. From comedy to activism, they all play a vital role in the space. As the new year rolls around, let’s take a look at some local cannabis influencers doing their part. These individuals bring everyone together to laugh, to grow, and to educate all with cannabis at the heart of it.

So, here are the Las Vegas cannabis influencers you should be following.

The Sober Junkie

Cannabis has changed lives in a variety of ways and a living example of this is the rising singer/songwriter, The Sober Junkie. The indigenous born artist shares his past struggles and a new perspective on life in his music. Dawning the Culture & Cannabis stage frequently, he shares his introduction to cannabis and the positive change that it created for him. You can find him dishing out motivational talks and thought-provoking hooks on social media. His newest album, Sacred Land, helps listeners see the opposite perspective on hardships, proving that cannabis does save lives.

Tina Ulman

Paving the way for safe and legal cannabis your old pal, Tina Ulman is leading the charge. Tina strives to change the laws with the help of other brands. She currently operates as the NV Brand Manager for Old Pal Cannabis as well as Director of Development for NORML’s NV chapter. Whenever she isn’t helping locally with Old Pal, she is educating lawmakers and the community on cannabis legislation in D.C. Regardless of the position, Tina’s mission is to ensure cannabis is accessible and affordable to all.

Stoner Rob

Stoner-comedy is the backbone of our industry and Stoner Rob keeps it alive. For years, he has ignited laughter in the community carrying the torch from comedic legends before him. Originally hailing from Riverside, CA, Rob performs around the country; but, he spends a lot of time in the Las Vegas valley. You can find him MCing Culture & Cannabis and, if you’re lucky, at cannabis events around the city. Just be sure to bring a joint for the man of laughter. Stoner Rob even has a background in writing and acting, normally performing skits with cannabis legends Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong.


You would have to be living under a rock to not know who Jackey420 is. With his recognizable tagline and charismatic video-persona, he is one of the fastest rising cannabis-influencers. His love for cannabis started years ago but, his growing name has only recently popped up. During that rise, he has helped a handful of companies with brand promotion. As a new medical patient with growing interest, he decided to share his humorous findings online. More than doubling his following over the last 2 years, he is now one of the most recognizable and trusted faces in the Las Vegas cannabis community.

Brooksie Hussle

With constantly changing rules that only come with being partially-legal, promoting a cannabis business is not easy. Entrepreneur, Brooksie Hussle, has used his own experience with this to elevate others like him. After the chef created his own edible-product, he took on branding and marketing as a solo endeavor. Although successful, he saw the struggle first-hand. This promoted the creation of something else: the Canna-Chef Union. Brooksie, best known for his Edible Grillz, takes the guest-work out of marketing and connects infused-chefs with the proper connections to succeed.

The cannabis industry is young and full of people making a difference in a multitude of ways. From entertainment to activism, support your local industry to help in the fight for federal legalization!

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