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For The Terps: Finding the Perfect Terpene

If you’ve been to a dispensary, it’s obvious that the weed-game has changed. You can come across a variety of sweets and strains boasted by brands from every niche, each wrapped to perfection with medicinal information, all served by a friendly budtender. Throughout the journey, you may hear a word you don’t know: Terpenes.

Rokin Vapes, quality for the community

The Highest of Vaping Quality: Rokin Vapes

For a lot of brands, quality is something to strive for. For Rokin Vapes, however, it’s a cornerstone! Inspired by Amsterdam’s history with cannabis and propelled by pure passion, the Las Vegas-based brand is bringing the highest quality of vaping products to the cost-conscious stoners! Humble Beginnings Commitment is a defining factor while pursuing success. …

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