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What’s your favorite way to consume? 

Most people would say bud. The puff-puff-pass tradition has long been the preferred method; but, the generation’s yearn for convenience is creating a worthy opponent. Edibles are slowly creeping toward the top-spot but, that same convenience has created an edible subculture. The age of legal-discretion has led to a new way to consume: Infused-beverages.

The portable and discreet way to medicate is becoming a local favorite. Traditional edibles and baked goods take anywhere from 2-4 hours to kick in. The innovation of drinks, however, cuts that time to less than 30 minutes. Where these have triumphed though, another downside to production has presented itself. How do we keep such a product consistently potent?

Using patented technology, an Arizona-based company is bringing a new twist to the edible game. A pressurized drink-cap infused with THC is their answer. After moving into the cannabis industry over a year ago, they are ready to transcend you into bliss.

One of a Kind 

The Las Vegas strip might be shut down but, that doesn’t mean the party is over. The only downside to bringing weed to a cannabis party: it’s obvious. The smell and the preparation of consuming can be a hiccup. For this reason, Kalvara was created. If you’ve ever seen Tea of a Kind’s green tea bottles, you’re ahead of the game. The answer and appeal of this product is in the bottle itself.

The goal was to create a ‘no-guesswork’ option for cannabis consumables. They’ve brought their patented Vessl technology -from the parent company that produces Tea of a Kind- to the cannabis industry to achieve this. Through a tedious process, they found a way to encapsulate THC safely in the beverages cap. 

According to their site, Vessl technology is a nitrogen-pressurized storage and delivery system in the bottle cap that preserves active ingredients and fresh taste from harmful environmental factors. This is without the need for artificial preservatives. Essentially, it helps maintain potency and freshness as THC doesn’t infuse the product until you are ready to drink it.

In addition to their Vessl technology, Kalvara uses proprietary nano-emulsification to cut down further on the time it takes to enjoy. This allows water-soluble THC to be rapidly delivered into the bloodstream, alternative to being slowly digested in the stomach.

Edible lovers know consistent potency is the key to edible shopping. As I previously mentioned, the usual baked-goods -notorious for creeping up on consumers- are not known for continuity. Kalvara avoids the issue of wildly unpredictable experiences with precise micro-doses and their precision-focused science.

Life of the Party…

The saying has always gone ‘A friend with weed is a friend indeed’. In the legal market, however, brands like Kalvara are all the rage with their shortened digestion time. At the moment, the company operates in Colorado, New Mexico, and their home-base, Nevada. However, Kalvara hopes to bring their twist of bliss to every consumer in the US.

Kalvara is also adding more products to its Vessl-equipped line. The brand-specific cap is the selling point here. With that in mind, the brand is looking towards producing an individual cap for purchase. This way, you can infuse any drink that you wish. The additions don’t stop there though. Giving their flagship product an upgrade, consumers should look for a 20MG option of Kalvara soon. So, not only can you create your own infused libations, you can up the dose in one cap too.

“Kalvara is the life of the edible-party!”

Kalvara believes that the euphoric and medical effects of cannabis should be available in an easier and consistent form; the company’s answer is clear. They don’t plan on the THC flooring you -just yet- the precision and discretion are the ‘Wow’ factors of this product. On that front, it delivers perfected bliss every time.

For more ways to enjoy Kalvara and where to find their product, make sure to follow them. It may be the go-to cannabis-sesh companion but, it makes some great ‘mocktails’ too! Look out for more flavors of Kalvara in a dispensary near you.

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