Jason Harris owner of Jerome Baker Designs

19 Years of Glass: How Jerome Baker Designs Made Cannabis History

Hidden among the brunch spots and local vendors in the streets of downtown Las Vegas is a glass shop unlike any other. Dripping with art, the building stands out amongst the developing area of white-bricked shops. Jason Harris, the creator of Jerome Baker Designs, resides here in his glass factory and art gallery. Though the shop has only stood here for a few years, its colorful history goes back almost two decades. 

Girl having anxiety attack

When Your Anxiety Is Stronger Than Your Cannabis

Recently, I’ve noticed something happening around the cannabis community. It started some time ago; but, the last few years have caused an influx of weed and anxiety stories. As we all found ourselves stressed for an assortment of reasons, some of us have looked to cannabis more than usual. However, a lot of consumers are taking a step back altogether.