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It’s been quite the year for cannabis. Culture & Cannabis didn’t miss a beat with the momentum either. 

As the year is drawing to a close, our mission to expand our brand is ending for now as well. Culture & Cannabis has successfully landed over 30 shops across Oklahoma. With high-praises to our owner’s hometown, we connected with the fastest growing cannabis market in the US and some of the best cannabis content creators in the midwest!

As our product launched at the beginning of 2020, Culture & Cannabis set out to bring the community together with the experience of cannabis. As much as we love Las Vegas, the mission only starts here. Back in October, the team made a month-long trip to Oklahoma to share that experience. After meeting -and smoking- with some of the best, we can successfully say OKC and C&C got nothing but love for each other. We’re now available in over 30 retail stores with a few new partners as well!

Oklahoma Partners 

We’re lucky enough to have a community read to open its arms to Culture & Cannabis. Two of our newest retail partners are helping bridge the gap between east and west with everyone’s favorite plant. Strain Station is one of those partners. Carrying everything smoking, Strain Station is in west Tulsa, off the famous Route 66. Black-owned, as well as veteran-owned, this dispensary has been bringing the freshest and coolest new brands and products to patients since 2019.

Another shop happy to work with us is Abide Cannabis Company in Edmond, OK. Keeping the art and celebration of culture alive, Abide is affectionately themed after The Dude from the 1998 stoner-movie classic The Big Lebowski. The artwork was down by a local artist based out of Texas who shares their love for The Dude. As a community of medical patients, they want to keep patients at the forefront before recreational takes over the business. Along with pride for their flower and something for everyone, they’ve got a ton of local support in return for their own.

“It’s all about personal experience. No one comes in that doesn’t leave happy. It’s about that experience!”

– Baylie Myers, Purchasing Manager at Abide Cannabis Company

With sales exceeding $73 million at the height of the pandemic, Oklahoma is currently the fastest growing market in the United States. As a result of their market still operating medically -in addition to some political views- the state is one of the most open to new cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs. It’s only fitting for us to spread the culture and learn a little bit of midwest-cannabis culture while we’re there! 

Where Will We Pop-up Next?

If you are in the state, make sure to pick up some of Culture & Cannabis popular products with our newest partners. If you haven’t checked out the community yet, read all about our favorite cannabis content creators from Oklahoma here! Our mission to expand into 16 markets isn’t over yet though. Follow us to see where we’ll spark up next!6

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