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Best Oklahoma cannabis influencers by culture and cannabis

Despite only being a medical market, Oklahoma is growing faster than most. With sales exceeding $73 million at the height of the pandemic, the typically conservative state is full of surprises. With the packed and profitable market comes an even fuller community of Oklahoma cannabis influencers ready and willing to create the best cannabis market possible.

More than any other industry, influences have a close relationship with advertising in cannabis. Considering the pearly gates of limitation that our social media overlords have built, it’s one of the very few options. New markets yield new opportunities for all. Even so, these a actual people who portray what cannabis cuture is all about! As we reminisce and recollect the Culture & Cannabis tour of Oklahoma, here’s a look back at just a few of the cannabis influencers we had the honor of meeting and smoking with!

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@TheCannabisHangout/Brannan & Sabah

The Cannabis Hangout

The cannabis educating duo did it all for the love of cannabis! The long-time friends have had a long time relationship with cannabis and took a step to share that with the world. With the state coming into one of the most accessible markets to exist, they didn’t want to hide their consumption anymore and didn’t want anyone else to feel they had to either. Brannan and Sabah are here to educate consumers on the ins-and-outs of cannabis one bowl at a time with their popular podcast!

@MissCannabisOKC/Lillian Deemer

A friend with weed is a friend indeed! Like many of us, Lillian was introduced to cannabis through friends. Soon after, she grew to love cannabis for its medicinal purposes -specifically nausea and pain relief. Ever since she’s been posting cannabis content to Instagram under the moniker MissCannabisOKC. With fun and education, she hopes to normalize cannabis use for patients and recreational users alike. You can find her sharing the best weed and food in OKC!

@Kalea.Green.Sales/Kalea Green

Ruby Mae’s

For this influencer, Cannabis found her! As Kalea worked as a medical professional, she found that more and more prospective patients were asking questions about the plant. Through her own education, she learned of all the medical benefits of cannabis and the past that led to its prohibition. All of that led her to the cannabis industry and her newest gig of sharing big nugs and making even bigger moves. Now, as an advocate and account executive for Ruby Mae’s, Kalea pushes for cannabis use with mental health.

@Logen_Noelle/Logen Richardson

Pretty Little Pot Co.

Cannabis calls out to the entrepreneur in all of us! Logen Richardson has always held a passion for cannabis, but legality propelled that even more. That passion and desire for the new industry brought her into it as a Jack-of-All-Trades. She runs THC free (for now) subscription box, Pretty Little Pot Co, for patients. She also works as a budtender and does marketing for Craft Cannabis. All of that with a joint perfectly in hand! She hopes to lead her community in destigmatizing cannabis by showing all the sides of it. By using herself as an example, she aims to show just how helpful cannabis in all its forms can be. 

@GrassByCass/Cassidy Jackson

Reunited During The Pandemic

Cassidy’s love for cannabis is years in the making. She uses that love to share and educate others on everything that it can do. Love is a major factor for Cass, even using social media to spread positivity and love after the eventful year that we’ve all had. That love was tested during the pandemic; but, she and her husband came out on top! Find her on Instagram and in the market breaking down the preconceived notions of cannabis. She currently works as a cannabis wholesaler as she continues to push for a positive and informative industry.

@BlowKane/Kourtney Kane

Prohibition can push us from our homes but, it can always bring us back too! Kourtney is a cannabis lover and grower hailing from Oklahoma. The cannabis influencer left OK in January of 2013 to seek cannabis refuge as a medical patient in Colorado. She told herself that if Oklahoma ever legalized that she would move back home. When the market legalized medical cannabis in 2018, she saw her opportunity to do her part in bringing the best cannabis to patients. She uses her platform to provide education to the growing community. In the future, Kourtney hopes to be more impactful in cannabis reform, specifically helping those with cannabis charges that are still behind bars.

@TheDopeGrls/Jessica Murray & Anna Frost

The Dope Grls

For two of Oklahoma’s most known fashionistas, cannabis helped both recreationally and medically. The two came into the industry as a result of opening their first business, The Library, a sustainable rental clothing company. In the process, they consumed cannabis to aid with the stress of the venture. Now, the dream-team hosts a podcast to spread awareness and show that cannabis isn’t as scary as Reefer Madness made it out to be. The approach is with awareness and laughs, of course. Through content creation, sponsorships, and public appearances they hope to show a different side of cannabis by living it themselves. 

@OKGanjaGirl/Missi Treece

We’ve all heard of the power of RSO and the ways cannabis can heal the body. Missi is an Oklahoma patient who suffered from a brain tumor and cannabis saved her life! Under OKGanjaGirl, this influencer shares her journey and recovery with cannabis. She hopes to make an impact on the connection she has to other medical patients or anyone suffering. With deep gratitude for RSO and a love of dabs, she’s unapologetically helping the medical miracle side of cannabis. At the moment, you can find her helping patients pick the best products at The Emerald Gallery and doing social media management for Glazed Edibles.

@Shooting4Balance/Wes Cunningham

One Trip Media

Just as people come to cannabis for health reasons, many stay for the abundant opportunity it offers… if you’re willing to hustle for it. Wes, under the name Shooting4Balance, came to the Oklahoma cannabis community for the opportunity and the self-discovery of it. His goal is to elevate the cannabis conversation with high-quality content with an impactful message about the culture. This way, he can assist brands with finding the patients who would benefit the most from their products. He’s doing just that with branding and content marketing at his company, One Trip Media.

@AsmaWhitekiller/Asma Whitekiller

Simply Bare

Plant-based healing and lifestyles are the newest craze. With cannabis, however, the mission has always been there. Asma, a self-proclaimed skincare-junkie, dove headfirst into it all. The power of the plant brought her into the industry. A flower-child with an affinity for bud, Asma hopes to make a worldwide impact with the healing power of plants and cannabis. With the help of Ruby Mae’s, she produces organic cannabis-infused skincare with her brand, Simply Bare. Asma is helping us feel the magic of cannabis, not just through our lungs but through our largest organ, our skin! 

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Joycelin Arnold

Dating back to 2012, Joycelin has wrote for various online Video Game publications covering events and launches regularly. Cannabis has been with her throughout the journey, however. She officially joined cannabis industry in 2016 as a budtender and begin writing for brands and magazines in 2017. Outside of cannabis, she writes science fiction with one published novel, Siren, so far.

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