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Tre Borders from Las Vegas dispensary Jardin

Cannabis is a lot of things. It’s healing for some, an inspiration for others, and a life-changer for most. In these times we all find ourselves in, those things are even more true. Many of us are using cannabis more often and even finding ourselves seeking jobs in cannabis for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, cannabis continues to bring us all together, even reuniting others.

Tre Borders from Las Vegas dispensary, Jardin, knows that all too well. Tre is actually a cannabis veteran from the early days of legality, originally starting with Culture & Cannabis’ predecessor, Strip Side Solutions. Back in those days, inspiration from the infant industry wasn’t hard to find. In a bittersweet way, the effects of COVID have led to a resurgence of that inspiration, spawning businesses and advocates in turbulent times. Now operating in Marketing at Jardin, Tre is a prime example of that.

Like a lot of us, the global pandemic drastically changed things for him. At the start of 2020, he worked with MGM coordinating with events. No events in Las Vegas, however, meant no work for Tre; eventually leading to his furlough. After heavy deliberation, the industry that he originally started in called him back. He started at Jardin, slowly moving up the ranks from driver to packaging, and later to their marketing department all in a year.

Cannabis For All Walks of Life

Since joining the marketing department at the Las Vegas dispensary, Tre has helped create a more community-focused experience. With Jardin’s location, they’ve mostly dealt with tourists. With those numbers dwindling, locals have become more of the majority. 

As a result, Jardin regularly hosts food trucks, local DJs, and offers an ambassador program working with local businesses and influencers like Makers & Finders and Dizzy Wright’s Still Moving. Considering the times and the lack of opportunity in the city, the options are a godsend to those involved. Just as he once helped Culture & Cannabis in the beginning stages, he’s helping Jardin foster a deep connection to the city. He only hopes that other Las Vegas dispensaries do the same soon.

“Everyone smokes weed. You see all walks of life coming in to buy cannabis, in all types of situations…Having a product everyone loves and making it available to all walks of life is what I love.”

As we mentioned, preserving cannabis culture during the rise of corporate cannabis is a priority. With over 60 Las Vegas dispensaries serving so many more customers in these times, it’s vital that they remember how all of this came to be. After getting here -teetering on federal legislation and making millions in the process- dispensaries have a duty to the advocacy that made their existence a possibility. While the journey to creating a business in cannabis is a trial all itself, the road to get here wasn’t paved overnight. They say it takes a village… but, to build a cannabis community around a legal industry, it takes even more!

Jardin Dispensary

In his effort to uplift the cannabis community, Tre wants to go further than just small events. As cannabis has helped him with anxiety, he has a heavier reliance on terpenes over THC. He wants to educate consumers on the many ways cannabis can assist, not only in mind and body but in a multitude of ways. He urges everyone to learn as much as they can about the plant and invest in stocks as the industry grows more.

Tre’s return to cannabis seems like a triumphant return to himself. As he helps Jardin reach the community, his sights are set on passing cannabis legalization federally. He recognizes the issues -cash handling being a big one- that the industry is presented with. In reality, it may be something that happens state by state; regardless, he hopes that mainstream promotional options will aid in other fronts.

Last year’s events have changed a lot for all of us. The one thing that I can take away from meeting Tre was to never let change stop you. Our industry is ever-changing and, to be a part of it, you have to do the same. To keep up with Tre and all that he is doing at Jardin, follow him and let him know Culture & Cannabis sent you! Don’t forget to visit Jardin for quality cannabis and the weekly events focused on the community. Who knows, maybe you’ll see Culture & Cannabis at Jardin soon!

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