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Choosing great cannabis isn’t easy, especially with all the incredible 4/20 deals every April. There’s so many new strains, new brands, and new stores to choose from. So instead of you taking a shot in the dark, I’ve put together a quick beginners guide to purchasing pot. Remember that they are all important factors when making your selection. I’ve broken it down into the five basics of cannabis: smell, density, stickiness, cleanliness, and the high! So Happy 4/20!


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If it don’t got stink, send it down the sink. Terpenes are not only the chemical compounds that give cannabis its effect, they’re also what give cannabis strains their unique aromas and flavor. Smelly, stinky weed usually goes hand in hand with great bud. Citrus, gas, berries, cheese, and skunk are just some of the attributes you should look for. Stay away from anything that smells wet or moldy (because it probably is), or stuff that smells like grass or hay. The ‘barnyard’ smell means that it has been cured improperly and will likely smoke harshly due to chlorophyll still within the plant.


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That sticky-icky is what we all strive for when it comes to finding great bud. The stickiness comes from the resin of the trichomes (the white crystals that contain the THC) and is usually a sure fire way to tell that the bud is good. The flower should ideally stick to you fingers and break apart with a slight crunchiness. It is important to remember that if it is so sticky that it’s almost wet, that it probably is. Wet stickiness can be hard to smoke because it has not actually finished curing. Always make sure that it’s been properly and completely dried and cured. If it is, that resinous outer shell will remain gooey and potent without the wetness.


Lab tested cannabis is the only way to go in a time when legal cannabis is literally everywhere. It is a sure way to know that it has passed some kind of legitimate inspection. These days the ‘black market’ is more brazen than ever when it comes to finding suspect ways to increase desirability. Whether that means spraying the flower with distillate in hopes of increasing the THC or baking soda to make it sparkle. Clean greens also means free of pesticides, aspergillus, mold, heavy metals, and other undesirable byproducts. When you buy legal cannabis, you can be rest assured that it has been vetted to be the cleanest possible plant money can buy.


I’m someone who has to see the product before I buy it. It’s a must when choosing great cannabis. With weed, you can usually judge a book by its cover. If it’s sparking, dense, and well manicured- it is safe to say it’s top notch stuff. Those frosty crystals are packed with THC and other cannabinoids. If they’re not there, chances are it will be a mediocre smoke at best. You also want to make sure the structure is solid too. Big, dense nugs are always promising. When you have larfy looking or mini popcorn nuggets, you’re likely in for a less than exhilarating time. Be sure your flower is from a reputable brand in a legal market, and you’ve already won half the battle. A smart company wouldn’t devalue their brand with some half-ass schwag.


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The one thing you won’t know before you make your 4/20 purchase is how the high is. Luckily nowadays you can purchase weed like you’d shop at a retail store. Dispensary staff known as budtenders are your one-stop-shop to all you need to know about each strain. They are trained in knowing the effects of terpenes and cannabinoids based on the lab results of each flower. Luckily it’s all pretty straight forward. And once you find a strain that works for you, you can pretty much expect the same results the next time you smoke it. Being that the 420 holiday spirit is in the air, I recommend trying a new strain! You never know what sensation or creative idea you may be led to by choosing great, new cannabis on 420.

And for those in Las Vegas this April, here are some of the best flower producers in Nevada:






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