Charting Musical Renaissance with Up In The Mix


Just like our favorite plant, music is a great unifier. No matter the genre, it has the power to bring people together. No matter the place or the release date, music has the power to transcend our way of thinking and communicating. Some say we’re in another golden era of music; and while others argue against that, there’s no doubt that there’s an artistic renaissance rallying around the community these days.

While we’re possibly in the thick of another Hip-Hop renaissance, the unity that it inspires and the positive movement that the tension brings is being shared by Reno-based podcast, Up In The Mix. Hosted by Reno-natives Cesar and Shaughn, they use their love of hip-hop to shine a light on those who are doing good for their community. It opens up in a big band format with just a touch of late 90s percussion, reminiscent of an older era in the genre just before the two hosts jump right into the show. Covering topics and guests from various backgrounds, Up In The Mix is reminiscent of classic talk shows with a knack for culture and community.


As the show interviews anyone from artists and business owners to politicians, tackling both light and controversial topics, Up In The Mix actually came from the two hosts having their own ‘spirited’ debates. The two have been friends for years and ended up living in the same part of midtown later as adults. One half of the duo, Cesar, is a photographer and DJ. Shaughn, who makes up the other half, is a teacher by trade and an artist by passion. Both hip hop fans consistently found they could debate every aspect of the art without losing respect for one another’s perspective. They kept linking up for shows and seeing each other to continue the conversations. With recommendations and a little practice, they started their podcast nearly 4 years ago. Ever since then, they’ve been recognizing the community for all that it does for one another. 

Today, Cesar does photos and videography for the podcast and edits their radio show. Meanwhile, Shaughn handles editing and uploading while they share the rest of the task. Even though they are based in Reno, they welcome anyone in the surrounding area who deserves to have a light shined on what they are doing. They additionally air their show every Friday at 9 on 97.7 KWNK’s community radio where they are the #1 show in Reno! They aim to give the hip-hop community something it needs as many see it as oversaturated. So for those who may feel that way or just looking for more, Up In The Mix is the show for you.


In the meantime, the duo continues to highlight this new era, bringing everyone a little closer with their love of music. Whether it’s golden or not the hip-hop connoisseurs are here to lead your ears through it.

Listen to the Up In The Mix podcast and catch up on any older episodes here. For all things hip hop and everything community-focused, make sure to follow Up In The Mix. 

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