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The Eddy in Reno

Getting together for a drink is what makes Vegas so well known. Whether it’s for brunch, a night out, or a night in, even locals find it to be a favorite pastime. In Reno, however, it’s more of a whole community experience. But in the biggest little city, down on the Riverwalk, is The Eddy. A place bringing a great pastime and everyone who loves it together for more than one reason.

When visiting a new city, it’s alway hard to experience everything it has to offer- especially by locals’ standards. The Eddy brings everything to you in a collaborative community space for all.  The space, which doubles as a beer garden, hosts local brews in addition to featuring free fitness classes, local art, yard games and live music. 

On another trip to see our friends up north, Culture & Cannabis met with Jared from The Eddy to learn more about it. 


Since opening, The Eddy has seen Bingo nights, Dog shows, Cornhole tournaments, among a variety of other events. If you’re wondering why the name for an event space, Jared, the General Manager of The Eddy explained it. Eddy is a circular movement of water; it’s where the current and people congregate on the Riverwalk. 

Over the years, Jared has worked for multiple businesses, helping with graphic design and launching new ideas and experiences. After meeting the owners and sharing a vision for the space, Jared joined the team. The Eddy features 24 craft beers and 10 wines on tap, with hand-crafted cocktails served from three different bars, as well as food trucks all in a dog-friendly space. Even with the local love they get, they look forward to breathing more life into the space.

Jared and everyone at The Eddy looks forward to the growth as new people and things come to the city, especially now. To keep up with all of it as it happens, follow them @theeddyreno or visit online here

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