Culture is ART

Culture is ART is a content video series highlighting different artists and their mediums. We dive into their art but also their stories and what inspires them.

Cannabis and alzheimer's research

Studies Prove CBN More Helpful Than THC with Alzheimer’s

The most recent medical discovery for cannabis found that THC may not be the best cannabinoid for Alzheimer’s. The Salk Institute for Biological Studies in La Jolla, California discovered that CBN has more potential to treat age-related neurodegenerative diseases. Linking to past research with mice, scientists noticed a clear connection between cannabis and Alzheimer’s. To …

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Green garden full of plants

Positive Benefits Of Cannabis Companion Planting

Like many fruit and vegetable farms, producing monoculture cannabis is commonly practiced. Monoculture refers to creating an environment where just one plant species is grown. However, some cannabis cultivators took lessons straight from nature by creating a permaculture plant network for their crops. Planting the perfect companions for cannabis plants could mean a robust root …

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Midtown Reno sign NV Culture & Cannabis lv

Best of Reno: Perserving Midtown

Midtown Reno seems to be where most of the magic happens. Similar to the Arts District and following Fremont East in Las Vegas, the midtown and downtown parts of Reno are essential to the city’s community. During our last trip up north, we met fewer cannabis influencers and more movers and shakers in the city itself.