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Just in time for everyone who didn’t get an EDC 2021 ticket, Insomniac released a surprise right before the event’s opening. Via his Instagram, Insomniac owner, Pasquale Rotella, announced and launched RNBW, a “festival-culture-focused” cannabis brand. Special bundles were being offered at local shops which included heavily discounted tickets to the typically sold-out event, Electric Daisy Carnival. The bundle also includes ¼ of flower for $150; a more than 50% discount from the regular ticket price. 

The “Feel Real” ticket, as the bundle was titled, announced the company’s entrance into cannabis. They’ll sell pre-rolls, edibles, vapes, and bud with names fitting their ‘insomniac’ brand like Night Owl and Party Crasher. Despite the good news, it is a little odd considering Insomniac doesn’t allow cannabis use or possessions within any of their events, including EDC 2021. It would be different if this was a change along with other new rules this year; but that isn’t the case. His Instagram post announcing the brand, which shares a name with his daughter Rainbow, noted that he hopes to change that.

“I’m excited to announce a new collaboration that’s been worked on for a long time…. @RNBW.World

[sic] Proud to be launching RNBW as the official flower of EDC and EDC Week! RNBW is now available at select stores and eventually will be available at Insomnia festivals!

Intersecting live music and cannabis culture is something I’ve been looking forward to and the time is finally here. I can’t wait for us to take this immersive journey together.

Introducing: your official lineup of flower for EDC & EDC Week!”

Pasquale Rotella, Instagram


Rotella marks the trend of celebrities joining the cannabis industry. In his case, however, he is internationally known in the music scene from starting one of the most popular and lucrative music events in the world. The electronic dance scene, or whichever name you refer to it as, has always been close to the psychedelic and holistic lifestyle. The fans and the culture, even EDC itself, play off the aesthetic and the lifestyle that comes with it. So, unlike the more recent celebrity brands, this one makes a lot more sense. Even so, a big player in tourist revenue and city events like EDC 2021 could swing the cannabis consumption lounge conversation differently. 

As we mentioned, Rotella already has plans to include his cannabis brand in future events. Even the RNBW website has placemarks for the next few events. Considering the bigger-than-life events that the Electric Daisy Carnival brings, Pasquale’s take on cannabis would be a fascinating one.

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