Alabama Bill Requires Negative Pregnancy Test for Purchase


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A bill in Alabama was introduced that would require women to submit a pregnancy test before purchasing medical cannabis. The bill, sponsored by Senator Larry Stutts, refers to women of “childbearing age” under 25 but below 50 as well as breastfeeding women. The test must be administered by a doctor or state-certified lab to be valid. Additionally, any woman who becomes pregnant must report to a certified physician, a blow to cannabis and motherhood advocates.

All of this comes as a shock as the community around cannabis and motherhood has made significant strides lately. Studies addressing safety while consuming have been highlighted but the state is still moving forward with the bill. While this isn’t the first of its kind, considering Alabama’s stance on cannabis, it could become reality. The news stirs concern for other southern states, more than anything. States tend to follow suit when it comes to cannabis. If one state makes something the standard, others tend to follow, regardless if the decision is right or not. Obviously, screening women before cannabis purchases should not be the standard anywhere. It wouldn’t be the first time, however, the south made questionable cannabis decisions.

Southern Cannabis Laws

For the last few years, a variety of advocates and influencers have demystified the conversation with personal testimonies and experiences. You can find cannabis and motherhood content from those like TheMommyJane, BluntBlowinMomma, and Tyler Therapy; but, the move cast a shadow over their peer-proven message. For many, this changes nothing but the south has proven to be one of the most uneducated places when it comes to cannabis. A bill like this, demonizing cannabis consumption while pregnant, will lead to misinformation and possibly, harmful medical practices in the future. 

The bill has not passed yet but, we implore you to contact the state senators in Alabama to share some blurbs from your favorite cannamoms. Whether it’s safe to consume cannabis while you’re pregnant or not hasn’t had a solid answer, the key to solving the question, however, isn’t ostracising any women who wish to consume at all.

Over 50 years ago, cannabis was recommended by a federal body for decriminalization. Let’s hope Alabama’s cannabis decisions don’t take us back 50 years in other avenues. To read the full bill, check here.  

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