Did EDC Create A Green Trend for Festivals?


The Northern Nights Music Festival Tree Lounge

The Northern Nights Music Festival will be the first to offer cannabis for sale within the event grounds.

Pop-up shops near the stages will sell cannabis from the industry’s top brands. The weekend ‘glamping’, music, and wellness festival in the Redwoods offers a handful of immersive and artistic attractions. The Tree Lounge sticks out like a sore thumb amongst the offerings, however. In most counter-culture events, cannabis consumption is heavily implied with not-so-subtle innuendos. Never before has it been outright offered to purchase right next to a stage. 

With Insomniac’s weed-themed antics last year, one has to wonder if this was in response? Last year, the worldwide EDM brand announced their cannabis brand, RNBW Cannabis, with a bundle available at select shops that include one-day tickets to Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas 2021. Now that we’re back in festival season, did Insomniac create a new trend of festivals?


Insomniac, and its owner Pasquale Rotella, are already known to be pioneers in music, tech, and art. Intertwining culture has never been far off with the festival’s themes and branding. On the opposite end, Northern Nights Music Festival is set to take place at Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California. That’s the northern Mendocino area, almost synonymous with cannabis. Despite legislation and some shadiness, Nevada is pretty laissez-faire about cannabis in general, all things considering. The two companies would be expected to try something as adventurous as adding cannabis to their attractions. With Insomniac’s original decision, however, let’s hope this creates a standard around open cannabis consumption.

Let’s all be honest, we’ve all lit up at a concert or public event at least once. Festivals allowing for the purchase and consumption of cannabis could be a standard better geared toward the demographic that attends their events. The event will be July 15-17 while EDC Las Vegas will be next month, May May 20-22. There’s no word yet if the event’s weed brand, RNBW Cannabis, will reappear on shelves with discounted tickets attached. Like last year, however, the announcement was last minute and the bundles sold out quickly. The RNBW.World twitter account has been silent since last year’s event. But there’s no telling what could happen in 30-days time.

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