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Modest Jones and Stoner Rob at Culture & Cannabis August

Connections and confidence seem like everything in Las Vegas. They can make navigating your career, especially a cannabis one, much easier. Nonetheless, the industry is still stigma-ridden and relatively new. As a result, it can be just as difficult to make those connections let alone maneuver without them. The Culture & Cannabis August mixer was held to aid this and build our community up at the same time!

A Common Goal

Success is hardly ever achieved alone and this event serves as an ‘industry night’ of sorts to help along the way. The vendor mixer is a networking and speaker series to bring the community together, ensuring we elevate one another and, in turn, elevate the industry in this time of change. Attendance helps consumers, as well as industry professionals, discover new brands behind some of their favorite products. 

Culture & Cannabis August Mixer Flyer

When trying to get into the industry, whether it be on a corporate level or entry, it can be exciting and stressful all at the same time. In this monthly-space, cannabis influencers, activists, and enthusiasts from every avenue of the industry gather to learn and collaborate. Smoking may not be allowed, but real ones know what to do! In the spirit of the common goal to grow and fight stigmas, C&C invites you to take part in this empowering gathering. This Culture & Cannabis August mixer hosted some well-known industry speakers, such as:

Mixer Speakers:

JC Coats

@_jc_coats/Culture & Cannabis

G Gonzalez

@g_uhoh/Cannabis Activist

Anthony Lee

@fulltimetony/Reno As Fuck

Heather Mata-Baldock

@coolestsparkles/Guerilla Culture

Looking for a Cannabis Connection…

The Culture & Cannabis experience hopes to bring nothing but an incredible night to all who attend. If you’re looking for some help growing, a little motivation, networking opportunities, or if you’re just looking for some dope cannabis friends, you don’t want to miss this!

The September vendor mixer will be returning to Inspire on September 12, 2019. If you weren’t here this month, we hope to see you next month! 

For more information and a list of next month’s speakers, follow @cultureandcannabis

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