outdoor concert performer on stage with large crowd Relax Park OK

Oklahoma City’s, Relax Park, Brings Cannabis Events

What is the perfect trifecta for a good time you ask? Food, Music, and Cannabis. In June, Relax Park opened in Oklahoma City; bringing a music and food event space with a dispensary right on the footprint. Owner Jason Thomas, says the idea has been a dream and he looks forward to bringing unique experiences to the venue, offering a place for people to let loose, unwind, and relax. The venue is 3.6 acres featuring an outdoor music stage, The Hub Bar, Garden Of Weeden dispensary, and a rotating line-up of food trucks.

crowd at music festival

2021 Comeback For Fall Music Festival Season

Music festivals are back! With a sad hiatus over 2020, festival-goers are thrilled to start seeing line-ups for the Fall music festival season of 2021. More than 385,000 people flooded to Chicago on July 29th for an epic Lollapalooza comeback. Over three days, massive crowds gathered around stages to watch their favorite musicians perform. Miley …

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The Culture & Cannabis Experience At a Shop Near You

In the cannabis industry, it’s all for the culture! After all, the culture surrounding cannabis has propelled us into the world of weed that we live in today. The events that come along are just something extra to bring the culture and the community closer. With that being said, we’re bringing Culture & Cannabis experience to a shop near you.