Culture & Cannabis: August Event Recap


Fighting cannabis stigmas through music The Sober Junkie at Culture & Cannabis August Recap

Fighting for what you stand for is a plight that most can relate to. Cannabis has had to do just that in the face of adversity for a long time; but despite the laws continuously moving in support, we still have to stand against negative cannabis stigmas. This Culture & Cannabis, stigmas played a huge role because, in a moment, you could be put in a very difficult position!

A Canna-Family

From Duck-Duck-Goose to Pool-Basketball, this month’s Culture & Cannabis wrapped the hottest days of the summer with the usual shenanigans. The Sober Junkie and D. Diamonds led the way with inspiring performances, echoing our industry’s constant uphill battle and their own. They helped introduce a new voice to C&C’s artist lineup, Nikki Paige.

Fighting cannabis stigmas through fashion

Nikki brought her high energy and effervescent to the pool deck as what she tells us was her first sober performance. As someone fairly new to cannabis, it was a night of first with new feelings, new guests, and new host as she hit the Culture & Cannabis stage for the first time.

The Omni models graced Citrus once again, this month in pieces from Sime Collections. Sporting light-summery outfits perfect for an afternoon sesh. StonerRob was joined by Modest Jones to add to their stoney-commentary throughout the night’s event. Driving home the bond that we in the industry share, the two were breathing reminders of our scope and potential! This group may have been small but, the theme was not lost on them. In cannabis, if there is a will, there is a way. Negative cannabis stigmas may try to put us out, but they can’t keep us down!

By the People, for the People

Culture & Cannabis is completely by the people and for the people. As a result, C&C is priming itself to be the city’s biggest cannabis event! The main event will once again return to Citrus Rooftop at The Grand Hotel on the 14th of September 2019. Follow @cannabisandculture for more information.

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