Culture & Cannabis: September Event Recap


In light of the digital era, we can lose our sense of community and neighborhood. Over the last 3 years, Culture & Cannabis has helped foster that sense of community. Promising to bring you bigger and better cannabis entertainment each month, C&C continues to top itself! Drawing one of its biggest crowds from the cannabis community yet. The night was NOT one to miss! Everyone in attendance was ecstatic, not only for the event but, cannabis as a whole!

The Artist Alley

Right after walking in, you see a cannabis-themed artist alley covered with original art and merchandise. Coordinated by Guerrilla Culture, the space host local artists to sell their work, perform live-art and simply network with the community. Heather, one side of the coin that is Guerilla Culture, was tremendously blessed and humbled to be a part of Culture & Cannabis. Moreover, we discussed how it was a tremendous time to be in cannabis!

Ironically enough, the growth of the Las Vegas art community and the grassroots cannabis-community have been in tandom with one another. Heather explained at the duality of it all. It can be seen that the event has grown to such substantial levels! Guerrilla Culture, which is also a clothing brand, operates with the mission of ‘No Pretense’. Art should be accessible to all, not just the ultra-elite or rich. Art and artists come from all backgrounds and all economic classes. By providing an urban art environment that blends the flavor of culture and community, you give back to that growing neighborhood. 

GC hopes the mission makes it back home to the Bay Area too! Nevertheless, they continue to express art and love without fear here in the Las Vegas valley!

Psychoactive Sounds

“It’s crazy to see how far we’ve come. It’s surreal…All of it’s like a dream and the beginning of a new!”

The Sober Junkie at Culture & Cannabis, 14 Septmeber 2019

A popcorn eating contest, brought to us by Strictly Hempin was taking place as I spoke with Sober Junkie. Sober was reminiscent of the event’s past. From hopping between venues, performing for empty stands, and now, putting on a massive show for his fans at the pool-deck he’s blown away by it. 

Angela Mazzanti and Medicated Marley at Culture & Cannabis September Event

Check out Sober Junkie’s latest album, Sacred Land! His newest album, Medicine Man, will be the first piece with full creative control. Medicine Man will be dropping early in October!

The stage was graced by quite a few acts; with surprise performances like Angela Mazzanti and Patient Picasso, the Citrus pool-deck hosted a magnitude of talent! The Sober Junkie may be a veteran among them, but a newcomer, Jalen Young, took the Culture & Cannabis stage for the first time.

Jalen has been doing music for 7 years and creating music videos for his singles most recently. He just released a new single, Pop, which he brought to the Citrus stage. As a cannabis-smoker, Jalen was more than hyped to perform for one of Las Vegas’ best cannabis events! Cannabis and music continue to bring the community together while providing a platform for local artists as well.

Ganja Meets Glamour

The Omni models waltzed the deck in the last of summer fashions from Mary Jane Runway! Glamour meets Ganja with a variety of cannabis-kimonos and more. The night wrapped up with the usual stoner-shenanigans. Las Vegas Cannabis has been on a long road to get to where it is today; but, this industry is just getting started. As Kalvara’s Tyson Burkett made his way around the event, he shared his love for the people, the vibe, and the canna-family!

Culture & Cannabis is completely by the people and for the people! As a result, it’s priming it to be the city’s biggest cannabis event! The last Culture & Cannabis show for the year will return to Citrus Rooftop at The Downtown Grand Hotel on October 11. Follow @cannabisandculture for more information!

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Joycelin Arnold

Joycelin Arnold

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