Mike Jones Tops Off Culture & Cannabis 2019 Season


The crowd waved back and forth as Mike Jones performed on the Citrus Pool-deck. With the group echoing words and reminiscing from the Texas-rapper’s most popular songs, the only thing missing was cannabis smoke hazing above.

After a cannabis-stuffed year, Culture & Cannabis brought a proper end to the 2019 event season! With a performance by Jones, as well as a plethora of others, the show was bigger and destined to only getting better!

Mike Jones Wows & LV Cannabis Reminisces

This October’s Culture & Cannabis show had enough vendors to cure your every cannabis need that may arise! Featuring glass blowers, local-star studded stage, magicians, and even cannabis-comic-book heroes the show was unlike anything the cannabis community has seen before!

Cannabis influencer, Jackey420, even noticed the massive growth of the grassroots show. During the musical performances, he talked about things and his own life ‘Back Then’ with cannabis. Thankful and hopeful for what’s in store for his own career, Jackey’s background -like many of us- is similar to the show!

“We’ve only been a few times but…it’s only getting bigger!”


Musical acts, some new and some old, hosted the nearly sold-out, throughout the night. D Diiamonds hyped the crowd with high-energy while another Texas-born artist, Phillip Wolf, kept it going. Resident artist, The Sober Junkie, led into Mike Jone’s headlining act, but not before some of the best local acts across the Las Vegas valley!

Check out the acts that performed with resident DJ, OG SERG, below:

Artistic Elevation

Guerilla Culture curated the brimming art space with galactic vibes and some Halloween spirit. According to Guerilla Culture, the showcase aims to continually bridge the gap between art and cannabis.

 “We’re trying to elevate the smoke-experience by taking the mind and opening up doors to new dimensions just based on the aesthetic that it’s going to provide!”

Heather, Guerilla Culture
Awesum Sauce Cannabis Art At Culture & Cannabis

Rollin Resin sold one-of-a-kind stoner paraphernalia. Never producing the same piece more than once, the crown jewel of the night was a Ramen-resin tray! Nicole Galactic captivated attendees with her artwork and wares dipped in a psychedelic space-theme full of color. All the while, the GC collective’s resident artist, Riot, aimed at Halloween themed worked along with artist Mr. Attn and Boggieboy Floyd!

Other cannabis-artist in attendance can be found below:

The Halloween theme wasn’t restricted to the artwork and sellers. The Culture & Cannabis fashion show rolled out the red carpet for the Omni Models with the same vibe! In true spooky-season spirit, a custom Halloween collection by new artist Creole Bombshell was rocked across the runway.

A Fantastic Finale

With Puff Da Panda keeping the dank vibe alive, the vendor space was full of excitement. Another side of the Las Vegas cannabis community thrives here and, in turn, consumers can support the grassroots nature of our industry.

Marnie, a C&C veteran, gasped at how amazing that community and growth has been. Like most at the show, her relationship with cannabis started years ago; regardless, the appreciation for what it has done is fresher than a pound of Lemoncello!

Omni Models in Creole Bombshell Line at Culture & Cannabis

She manages a variety of cannabis ventures, but focuses on Strictly Hempin’. After an injury and a lot of medication and surgery, cannabis dramatically changed her life. After the ordeal, her mission became helping those in need with the disputed fact that ‘Hemp Saves Lives’!

The event season may have ended; but, Culture & Cannabis has something in store no matter what time of the year. Mike Jones and the whole Culture & Cannabis brought a spectacular end to an amazing season. You don’t want to miss out on any of it next year!

For a full list of those that bring the show together every month, check here!.

Culture & Cannabis is completely for the people and by the people. As a result, it’s priming it to be the city’s biggest cannabis event! Culture & Cannabis will return in 2020 for the next season. Don’t forget to follow @cannabisandculture for our podcast and updates on for the new year!

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