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In the Las Vegas valley, cultivators and producers know that the growing conditions aren’t for the faint of heart. Prevailing in the desert wonderland can prove difficult. Additionally, quality and quantity can not be non-mutualy exclusive goals. Especially considering the millions flock to the land of the most lavish for the dankest and the newest every month.

Recently expanded, Solaris Farms is here to give the city just what it needs. Focused on high-quality at a low cost, they are simultaneously aiming for the next step in cannabis innovation. In combination with the newest tech and growing practices from across the world, Solaris is bringing the most technologically advanced cannabis to Las Vegas.

Greenhouses Around The World

The cultivation is relatively new, springing up in the summer of 2016. Despite its age, Solaris Farms has expanded to 12 acres of land and 300,000 square feet of operating space over that time. Founder, Michael Sassano, extensively researched the industry before entering. Sassano started out in banking and investing; but, he used his knowledge in that field to learn more about cannabis and the business as he transitioned into the industry. Every cannabis-grow he worked for had lessons to teach. 

Eventually, his quest for more cannabis knowledge took him across the globe. Sassano wanted to build something driven by data but defined by quality. From the Netherlands to Guadalajara, he studied the best-practices for growing cannabis in different greenhouse environments. 

“We spent one full year perfecting the genetics and now we are ready to scale up.”

After that year, Solaris overcame the harsh-Las Vegas climate better than most have. They aim to be a cost-effective but, technologically-driven cultivation. Even as you walk the cultivation, the meticulous attention to detail is the proof in the pudding. Neatly placed in central Las Vegas, NV, Solaris is aware of the demand the city has. Outside of the locals, the city sees nearly 42 million visitors a year. Consistently keeping up without skimping on quality is what most let fall to the wayside. According to Sassano, however, producing the quantity of cannabis that Sin City requires will never overlap Solaris’ pursuit for quality. All while steadily cutting down production costs, the high-tech hybrid greenhouse is on an upward grind for what’s production perfection.

Solaris with Culture &Cannabis

Along with that innovation has come a partnership. Solaris Farms has created branded consumption products with local media company and event, Culture & Cannabis. The two companies hope to bring the cannabis experience even further. With both companies keeping community-concerns and quality-cannabis experiences at their forefront, the collaboration will continue to be ‘For the People, By the People.”

Culture & Cannabis’ partnered products with Solaris Farms will include three different-sized products. They will come in pre-rolls and full flower sizes; half ounces, and ounces. The media company joins Solaris’ growing number of partners across the US. Together, they hope to create an easily-accessible brand propelled by true cannabis-culture. In combination with Solaris Farms, Culture & Cannabis can elevate the Las Vegas cannabis experience to even higher standards. Solaris offers technological-driven results and integrity towards the community, all while providing indoor-quality at economic pricing.

Make sure to follow Solaris for more product updates.

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Joycelin Arnold

Joycelin Arnold

Dating back to 2012, Joycelin has wrote for various online Video Game publications covering events and launches regularly. Cannabis has been with her throughout the journey, however. She officially joined cannabis industry in 2016 as a budtender and begin writing for brands and magazines in 2017. Outside of cannabis, she writes science fiction with one published novel, Siren, so far.

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