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We all blaze up in unison every April 20th; but, a newer holiday has us elevating in a different way. Instead of lighters, we’ve got torches. Where we’d normally have papers, we’ve got bangers. Concentrates have introduced another world to cannabis consumers; and, as a result, they’ve earned their holiday: 710. 

Though smaller in its fame, 710 is the concentrate sibling to 420. Celebrated on July 10th, the numbers upside down playfully nod to the Oil that many concentrates resemble as consumed. 710’s popularity is mostly because of the internet and social media’s growing connection to cannabis culture. Even though 420 is known as the day of our favorite plant, 710 refers to the love of the concentrate forms of cannabis. Be warned, however, they are not for the faint of heart.

If you are wondering why… well, it’s because Concentrates are just as their name suggests. They’re extracted from full cannabis plants and can reach Cannabinoid, Terpene, and THC levels far-beyond what traditional bud offers. It can be intimidating, but the newest way to consume cannabis is quickly becoming a modern favorite for that very reason.

All About Concentrates

Even though it’s not considered a newbie’s favorite (or even some long-time consumers) concentrates offer a variety of benefits opposed to cannabis bud. Concentrates are an all-encompassing term referring to shatter, crumble, vape pens, rosin, moonrocks, live resin, hash, and so much more. The effects and onset are stronger than flower. Don’t let this fool you though. They both have redeeming benefits over one another. For example, concentrates are typically smoke free and more discreet than bud. In opposition, consuming concentrates often requires expensive tools. It ultimately boils down to preference as far as which is a cannabis consumer’s favorite. Despite its infancy in the industry though, concentrates are outpacing the sale of cannabis flower and edibles pretty quickly. Concentrates already makeup more than 50% of cannabis sale! 

So, why the new holiday and why the new concentrate-craze? Well, how many times have you rushed to rid yourself of the leftover smoke from a sesh? Spraying full cans of Ozium or Febreze, hoping for the best. More seriously, how many times has flower just not been enough for you? The higher potency of concentrates in whichever version you choose is a lifesaver for both long-time medical patients and recreational users. 

A Sticky 710 Celebration

Cannabis is taking the country by storm. Even if the current and possibly future administration doesn’t agree, the American people are all about weed and concentrates are making it hard to ignore. Ever since their appearance, they’ve been inspiring some of the most innovative products in the cannabis industry. The market is saturated with options from tech-driven tools to pocket-sized vapes. Though last year’s vaping concerns affected concentrate sales, the issue largely remained with consuming illicit market cannabis products. As we’re all stuck in the house with our families, however, the numbers are back and better than ever.

“… Its rapid growth has led BDS Analytics and ArcView Market Research to expect sales of $2.9 billion for 2018. Furthermore, the firms expects growth in concentrates sales to outpace that of traditional flower sales, projecting $8.5 billion in retail sales by 2022.”

While the holiday isn’t as popular as 420, it’s quickly on its way. As more states become legal, whether medical or recreational, more consumers are being introduced to concentrates. In turn, the awareness and innovation continues. No matter if you love shatter, or rosin, the possibilities are endless. 

If you’re in the market for a smokefree sesh or just something new this weekend, check out your local shops for some dope deals on concentrates. If you haven’t tried them before, take this holiday as a perfect opportunity. For first timers, we highly recommend asking a concentrate-connoisseur friend or asking a budtender or more info. Whichever way you decided to consume, put some smoke/vapor in air this 710 and celebrate all that there is to cannabis! 

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