Green Dispensary is Giving Cannabis Back to the People


Green Dispensary Las Vegas

Wouldn’t you love to visit a dispensary where everybody knows your name; a place that catered to every type of stoner. Green dispensary is aiming to be the Cheers you need right now! With stoney-smiling faces leading you into a lush green wonderland, this eco-focused spot isn’t just Green in name. 

Green Dispensary is taking us all back to our community roots and back to Mother Earth. Their bright space and Pacific Northwestern vibe resembles a tech company; but, it’s all about the celebration of the Las Vegas cannabis community and all that Green hopes that it can be. While prioritizing organically produced cannabis products, Green Dispensary wants to redefine the way you shop for cannabis.

Curated Experiences

If there is one thing Las Vegas cannabis isn’t short on, it’s community. They understand what cannabis can do and the power we collectively have to get there. That love for more accessible cannabis has made this new shop a fan favorite already. Green Dispensary sought to bring that community culture and logos even closer with their shift from concentrate producers to fully vertically integrated providers. Born from Fuze Extracts, the entire team wants to bring you the best, and most sustainable, cannabis products that Las vegas has to offer.

At their grand opening event, we spoke with Green Dispensary employees and FUZE Extracts veterans, Andrew and Lindsay. The passion and strive for consumer-focused service and products was still alive and well under the new name. At Green, they are less concerned with the flashiness of strip-side cannabis and more obsessed with putting cannabis consumers first by prioritizing their needs, their time, and their funds. There is literally something for everyone.

“Green Dispensary was created for the people and by the people.”

-Andrew Kellogg, Green Dispensary, Director of Marketing

Green is all about the individual experience that cannabis purchasing requires. Creating that curated experience starts with an open relationship with Las Vegas cannabis brands. Although Green supports clean-green brands like their own, they aren’t looking to ‘marry’ certain brands and keep others out. For this reason, every type of cannabis consumer can find something in their price range. There is no one size fits all. Some like bud, others like concentrates. You might like the ritual of rolling or the potent discretion of a vape pen or edible. Regardless of your preferred consumption method, Green guarantees there will always be something for you and a friendly face to help you find it!

All Things Green

Coming from a group of cannabis lovers and a foundation of sustainability, Green is committed to those who propel cannabis to greater heights. Whether you are a medical patient or recreational consumer, Green vows to respect your experience. In partnership with Culture & Cannabis, it’s truly a combination by the people and for the people. They may be new but, Green is already implementing more options for their consumers like express service and purchasing with limited interactions. No matter if you are hunting for the next best thing or just dropping by for a quick pickup, Green Dispensary has you covered. Check here to learn more about ordering online and express services. 

Stop by Green Dispensary today and celebrate all things green! 

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